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New Records & Taxonomy Registry for the Nearctic Ground Beetles (Geadephaga)

Keywords: Caraboidea, Carabidae, carabid, Tiger Beetles, new species, North America, United States, Canada

This frequently-updated website is an interactive clearinghouse where users of provide new information to supplement the geographic distributions, taxonomy, and scientific names published in the massive 2012 catalogue of Nearctic Geadephaga by Yves Bousquet (1) [YB2012]. The large beetle group designated "Geadephaga", commonly known as the "ground beetles", is the superfamily Caraboidea composed of the three families Trachypachidae, Rhysodidae, and Carabidae. The latter family is by far the largest one. Its members, informally named "carabids", account for 99.55 percent of the roughly 2700 known species in the Nearctic Caraboidea north of Mexico. It is this faunal region that concerns BugGuide and this post-2012 Caraboidea Registry/Forum. The family Carabidae includes several subfamilies of which Cicindelinae is represented by the popular "Tiger Beetles". See the comments below regarding the state of Tiger Beetle taxonomy.

Newly documented states, provinces, or territories are entered by their standard abbreviations after the alphabetically-listed species names below. In addition, geographic records that confirm the questionable ones enclosed in square brackets by Bousquet, will be annotated here as verified. So far one dozen species are newly reported to have one of these major range extensions: new to USA, new to North America, new to Western Hemisphere. Enigmatic specimens that might be either undescribed or new to the Nearctic north of Mexico are annotated unresolved.

In tracking the taxonomic literature, we will include Nearctic species that are new to science (sp. n.) and report taxonomic changes that affect the species presented in the 2012 catalogue. The numerous recent nomenclatural changes that affect the Tiger Beetles in Bousquet (2012) are not yet incorporated at this registry. At least three dozen new species have been added to the Nearctic Caraboidea (Geadephaga) since Bousquet started the species count at 2678 in 2012.

I (=PWM) look forward to new geographic records (rec. n.) and taxonomic notices obtained from any of the following sources:

(1) A well-documented image on BugGuide or other website that links the imaged specimen to a new record;
(2) A non-imaged specimen that is reliably identified and held in a secure collection with mounted data & determination label. Please submit state/county/province, date, determiner, repository;
(3) A discovery in the current literature that provides a new record, a new species, or a taxonomic change;
(4) A new record discovered among the photographed specimens ("photo-vouchers") mailed to a carabid specialist for accurate physical determination;
(5) A comment by expert or non-expert that is either posted here or communicated via personal e-mail to PWM.

Please also alert us to additional specimens that would share a regional record already registered here. Rather than posting my feedback or questions on this page, I usually contact the submitter via the image source page or via personal e-mail.

Please bear in mind that geographic records are based on artificial political areas of widely varying dimensions. Most new records are not surprising as they simply extend the known range to a neighboring political region. In the United States, for example, a range extension that newly spans two or more states is quite unexpected. A specimen linked to a wide geographic extension could merely represent one "accidental" individual (possibly among a few others) that occurred one time in a small tenuous population. When the unexpected does occur, we naturally wonder about the possibility of human error ("status in dubio"). Error can creep in two ways. The more common way is that the species identification was incorrect ("nomen falsum"). The second way is that the wrong collection data was inadvertently attached to a correctly identified specimen in which case its suspected status becomes "locus falsus" or "inscriptio falsa". A more specific designation is "Patria falsa" when a different country is suspected. For example, I am aware of several instances in which authority Fritz Hieke had attached label "Patria falsa: Europa" to certain old Amara specimens in the Milwaukee Public Museum that bear doubtful data from North America. Scientific acceptance depends on our confidence in the source of new information, confidence in the people variously linked to it, and of course the reassurance that comes from actually seeing the specimen (even if just a photograph) and reading the associated collection data.

Please preserve the scientific importance of new geographic records by pin-mounting a colored paper label beneath the specimen that clearly specifies the new state or province record and the year of acknowledgement. A concise example using abbreviations is "WI rec. n. 2017". Useful added information might be data like "series of 6", "BugGuide 1070406".

Discussions on the taxonomic state of Nearctic Tiger Beetles.
Pre-2019 statements: Not yet reflected by this registry nor yet acknowledged by are certain taxonomic revisions of Cicindelini that were proposed in the popular field guide A Field Guide to the Tiger Beetles of the United States and Canada, 2nd ed., 2015 by Pearson et al. Revisions therein were credited to comparative DNA analysis by Duran, DP & Gwiazdowski, RA (2015) who apparently reported their results in an unpublished (not peer reviewed) work entitled “Systematic revision of Nearctic Cicindelini (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Cicindelinae): Re-evaluating Rivalier’s taxonomy”. This state of unsupported taxonomy is discussed in a review of the 2nd edition by M. Jackson in The Coleopterists Bulletin 71(3): 530 - 531, 2017. July 15, 2019: See the news below from V. Belov stating that papers for fixing the problematical taxonomy have been submitted. September, 2019: A paper by Duran & Gough in Insecta Munda Sept 27, 2019 (0727): 1-12 clears the way for the proposed nomenclatural changes. See the developing thread below. NB: The new Tiger Beetle names that affect Bousquet (2012) are now successfully incorporated into but the changes are not yet listed in this registry.

Abbreviations & symbols: det =determination; ex(x) =example(s)=specimen(s); leg. =field collector; sp. n. =species new; syn. =synonym; @ =reposited at (institution or individual); → =moved to; % =opinion/observation by; pers. com. =personal communication to PWM; v.i. =vide infra=see below (comment); mm/dd/yy =date > 2012. Institutions are identified by familiar codens in (1) pp 7-10. Frequent contributors who do not post photographs: FFP =Foster F. Purrington. More shortcuts for taxonomists-curators are posted here.

How to search for a particular state, province, or territory on this page: hit Ctrl + F, enter the standard two capital letters that identifies the region, under Options select "Match case", all instances on this page will be highlighted. Case matching is available with Internet Explorer and Firefox, not so with Google Chrome.

Please alert us to new geographic records that are documented in these post-2012 publications which I have not yet reviewed:
2nd edition (2015) of "Tiger Beetles of US & Canada" by Pearson et al.
2nd edition (2013) of "Checklist of Beetles of Canada & Alaska" by Bousquet et al.

Below this post-2012 Caraboidea Registry is a list of candidate records to consider. (2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(9)(10)(11)(12)(13)(14)(15)(16)(17)(18)

Acupalpus pumilus FL[Gadsden Co: 2000 Kovarik det/@FFP] GA[Oglethorpe: 2004 leg/det/@FFP] IN[Porter Co & Tippecanoe Co: det PWM @FMNH] VT(12)
Agonoleptus rotundicollis KY image
Agonoleptus thoracicus ME image
Agonum aeruginosum OK(6)
Agonum albicrus TX [Wood Co: 1 ex @TAMU det V.Belov v.i.]
Agonum consimilie WY[Johnson Co: 2010 leg. Kondratieff det/@FFP]
Agonum cupreum ME(10)
Agonum cyanopis TX[Jeff Davis Co: 3 exx @TAMU det V.Belov v.i.]
Agonum galvestonicum MA image | WI(8)
Agonum gratiosum NV(14)
Agonum harrisii CA image image image
Agonum mutatum VA(15)
Agonum nigriceps NV(14)
Agonum picicornoides CO[Gunnison Co: 1992 leg. Kondratieff det/@FFP]
Agonum placidum NV(14)
Agonum propinquum UT image
Agonum rufipes RI(13)
Agra oblongopunctata removed from TX (replaced by A. rileyi sp. n. & A. wickhami sp. n.) and removed from North America [Coleopt. Bull. 71(4): 639-651, 2017]
Agra rileyi sp. n. TX [Coleopt. Bull. 71(4): 639-651, 2017] image
Agra wickhami sp. n. TX [Coleopt. Bull. 71(4): 639-651, 2017]
Amara aenea KY image
Amara aeneopolita WI image
Amara anthobia ME(10)
Amara angustata OK(6)
Amara apricaria NM[San Juan Co: 1♀ det PWM (stylus rules out related New Mexican A. lindrothi Hieke) leg./@J.Marche]
Amara c. californica KS[Morton Co: 1♂ 2015-X-15, leg. W.Chatfield-Taylor, det/@PWM]
Amara carinata NV(14)
Amara discors AZ [Mohave Co: Pipe Springs NM, 2012 leg. M. Camacho, 1 ȸ ♂ on loan fr NAUF, det PWM]
Amara flebilis NC image
Amara harpalina CA [Lassen Co: Westwood, 2011 & 2016, det/@ PWM, image | image]
Amara idahoana NV(14)
Amara ovata NH/VT(12)
Amara sinuosa NV(14)
Amblycheila katzi sp. n. TX image [reference given under species Info tab]
Amblygnathus interior new to USA AZ two exx: image | image
Amblygnathus mexcinanus OK image
Amblygnathus subtinctus OK image
Amerinus linearis AL[Monroe Co: 12.VI.2016 leg/det/@FFP] OK(6)
Anchomenus aeneolus NV image
Anchonoderus horni Ciski (syn. A. apicalis Horn) new to USA AZ image
Anillinus acutipennis sp. n. TX(7)
Anillinus alleni sp. n. AR[Coleopt. Bull. 71:289-297, 2017]
Anillinus cavicola sp. n. AL(11)
Anillinus cherokee GA image SC [Sokolov & Carlton 2010: p. 15 - v.i.]
Anillinus comalensis sp. n. TX(7)
Anillinus davidsoni sp. n. AL(11)
Anillinus elongatus VA image
Anillinus forthoodensis sp. n. TX(7)
Anillinus hirsutus sp. n. AL(11)
Anillinus inexpectatus sp. n. TN[Annals of Carnegie Museum 82:225-229, 2014]
Anillinus kingi sp. n. AL(11)
Anillinus murrayae SC image
Anillinus tombarri sp. n. AL(11)
Anillinus wisemanensis sp. n. TX (7)
Anisodactlylus binotatus ID image UT image
Anisodactylus dulcicollis DC(9) MD[Banisteria 44:23-25, 2014] PA image
Anisodactylus haplomus MD[The Maryland Entomologist 7:35-47, 2017]
Anisodactylus harrisii OK(6)
Anisodactylus laetus ME(10)
Anisodactylus melanopus KY image
Anisodactylus nigrita UT image WY image
Anisodactylus porosus UT image
Apenes lucidula lucidula WI(8) image
Apristus latens NY[Richmond Co.(Mount Loretto Unique Area): 20.VIII.2016 leg. H.Zirlin, det/@PWM]
Apristus pugetanus NV(14)
Apristus subsulcatus OK(6)
Asaphidion curtum curtum PA image
Axinopalpus biplagiatus NV(14)
Axinopalpus fusciceps NV(14)
Badister flavipes flavipes OK(6) VA(2)
Badister grandiceps VA(2)
Badister maculatus MD image
Badister neopulchellus MD image
Badister obtusus NH(12)
Badister transversus TX[San Patricio Co: 2013, det V.Belov v.i. awaiting image]
Bembidion acutifrons NV(14)
Bembidion (Neja) ambiguum new to North America CA [PDF]
Bembidion anguliferum NV(14)
Bembidion approximatum NV(14)
Bembidion cheyennense UT["Utah 1874", det PWM @UW-IRC]["UT" %D.Maddison pers. com. 02/14/13][image]
Bembidion concretum ID image
Bembidion diligens WA(5)
Bembidion egens NE[Scotts Bluff Co: 2010 leg. FFP @J.Pretorius det D. Maddison]
Bembidion ephippigerum NV(14)
Bembidion festivum hilare CA[Lassen Co: 2009 leg/@FFP det D.Maddison]
Bembidion fuchsii NV(14)
Bembidion graphicum NE[Morrill Co: 2011 leg/det/@FFP] NV(14) SD[Perkins Co: 2000 leg. J.Maxwell det/@FFP]
Bembidion grapii RI(13)
Bembidion horni CO[Mesa Co: 1988 leg/@FFP det DR Maddison] NV(14)
Bembidion impotens RI image | image | image
Bembidion incrematum NV(14) UT image
Bembidion intermedium ME(10) NV(14) RI(13)
Bembidion lacunarium AZ[Cochise Co: 20.V.2016 leg/det/@FFP]
Bembidion laxatum NV(14)
Bembidion mckinleyi new to USA UT [Sevier Co. leg/@FFP 2000 det DR Maddison "new ssp."]
Bembidion mexicanum UT image
Bembidion mundum ID[Boise Co & Lewis Co: 2009 leg/@FFP det D.Maddison]
Bembidion mutatum NV(14)
Bembidion nubiculosum NV(14)
Bembidion o. obscurellum NE[Scotts Bluff Co: 2010 leg. FFP @J.Pretorius det FFP]
Bembidion obscuripenne NV(14)
Bembidion obtusangulum NV(14)
Bembidion patruele NM[De Baca Co: 31.V.2016 leg/det/@FFP] UT image
Bembidion praticola VT(12)
Bembidion quadrulum NV(14)
Bembidion recticolle TX[Jeff Davis Co: 2014 leg/det/@FFP]
Bembidion rusticum WV[Maddison, 2008, Annals of Carnegie Museum 77: 148]
Bembidion sejunctum sejunctum ME(10)
Bembidion striola NV(14)
Bembidion umbratum NV(14) TX[Jeff Davis Co: 2014 leg/det/@FFP]
Bembidion versicolor NV(14)
Bembidion versutum MN[Lyon Co: 2008 leg/det/@FFP]
Bembidion viridicolle MA[Nantucket Co: 1995 leg/@FFP det R.Davidson]
Blemus discus IA image
Blethisa julii NU(16)
Blethisa quadricollis NU(16)
Brachinus americanus RI(13) VA(15)
Brachinus cordicollis OK(6)
Brachinus elongatulus NV(14)
Brachinus kansanus TX[Montague Co: 2003 leg/det/@FFP]
Brachinus phaeocerus NV(14) image under question
Brachinus quadripennis NV(14)
Brachinus tenuicollis RI(13)
Brachinus vulcanoides ME(10)
Bradycellus californicus AZ[Greenlee Co: 28.V.2016 leg/det/@FFP] UT[Utah Co: @ TAMU/det V.Belov v.i. image; more exx det/@ J. Quist v.i.] WY[Crook Co: 13.VII.2016 leg/det/@FFP]
Bradycellus congener NE[Scotts Bluff Co: 2010 leg/det FFP @J.Pretorius]
Bradycellus festinans LA[Rapides Parish: Alexandria, 2.VIII.1970, 1♂ det V.Belov/PWM, @ TAMU]
Bradycellus harpalinus NY[Richmond Co.(Mount Loretto Unique Area): 23.IX.2016 leg. H.Zirlin, det/@PWM] = New to eastern North America
Bradycellus insulsus MA image | image
Bradycellus lecontei IA[Polk C: 2011 leg. D.Veal det/@FFP]
Bradycellus nigriceps RI(13)
Bradycellus nigrinus RI(13)
Bradycellus nitidus NV(14)
Bradycellus rivalis NV(14)
Calathus ingratus RI(13)
Calleida platynoides CO image
Calleida punctata verified TX ["leg. F.Rauterberg before Oct 1897", det G.Noonan & PWM @MPM] RI(13)
Calleida punctulata AZ tentative: image image image
Calleida viridipennis NC several records imaged
Calosoma (Chrysostigma) ampliator new to USA: AZ(Pima Co.)
Calosoma obsoletum WA(5)
Calosoma prominens NV(14)
Calosoma scrutator UT image | image
Calybe laetulaEga laetula LeConte [ZooKeys 430:1-108, 2014] also see
Calybe salleiEga sallei Chevrolat [ZooKeys 430:1-108, 2014] also see
Carabus auratus auratus NB[Coleopt. Bull. 69:264-266, 2015]
Carabus granulatus ME image SK[Coleopt. Bull. 68:700-702, 2014]
Chlaenius erythropus MD image MD[Banisteria 38:71-84, 2011]
Chlaenius obsoletus NV(14)
Chlaenius pennsylvanicus OK(6)
Chlaenius pennsylvanicus blanditus NV(14)
Chlaenius purpureus OK[Comanche Co: 4.VI.2016 leg/det/@FFP]
Cicindela formosa generosa AL[Cincidela 45:1, 2013]
Cicindela limbata nympha WY[Carbon Co: several, 2019, leg/det/@ML Brust & @PWMC]
Cicindela longilabris NU[Akimiski Island: Cicindela 2016 48:69-76]
Cicindela pulchra pulchra UT[Cincidela 45:9, 2013]
Cicindela punctulata AZ[Yuma Co., Cicindela 2019 51:23] CA[Inyo Co., Cicindela 2019 51:23] NV[Nye Co., Elko Co., Cicindela 2019 51:23]
Cicindela tranquebarica NU[Akimiski Island: Cicindela 2016 48:69-76]
Cicindela trifasciata ascendens IN image
Cicindelidia subgenusgenus : affects 44 taxa listed in Bousquet (2012); see examples here.
Cicindelidia melissa sp. n. AZ [ZooKeys 464:35-47, 2014] | image
Cicindelidia ocellata rectilatera AR[Cicindela 44:49, 2012] KS[image] MS[Cincidela 45:1, 2013]
Cicindelidia sedecimpunctata sedecimpunctata CO [Cincindela 47:71, 2015]
Clinidium apertum allegheniense should be removed from VA(2) and added to WV(15).
Clivina acuducta RI image
Clivina impressefrons CA[Madera Co: 1 ex det V.Belov @TAMU]
Clivina pallida KY image OK(6)
Clivina planicollis AZ[Santa Cruz Co: 1 ex @TAMU det V.Belov v.i.]
Clivina punctulata NV(14)
Clivina rufa MA image WI image
Colliuris caymanensis TX image
Colliuris ludoviciana DE image | image
Coptodera aerata WI(8)
Cyclotrachelus convivus GA[Greene Co: 2013 leg/det/@FFP] VA(15)
Cyclotrachelus nonnitens OK(6)
Cyclotrachelus sodalis colossus OK(6)
Cymindis abbreviata → syn. of C. p. platicollis (3)
Cymindis ampliata → syn. of C. p. platicollis (3)
Cymindis arizonensis NV(14)
Cymindis atripennisCymindis platicollis atripennis stat. n. (3)
Cymindis blanda → syn. of C. p. punctigera (3)
Cymindis complanata MS image
Cymindis elegans VA image(15)
Cymindis neglecta RI image
Cymindis obscura → syn. of C. p. platicollis (3)
Cymindis platicollisCymindis p. platicollis stat. n. ND(3) NM(3)
Cymindis p. platicollis CO [new senior synonym (3) of Coloradan C. abbreviata & C. ampliata]
Cymindis punctigeraCymindis p. punctigera subsp. n. (3)
Cymindis rufostigma sp. n. FL (3) image
Cymindis subcarinata → syn. of C. p. punctigera (3)
Cymindis unicolor RI(13)
Diacheila arctica NU(16)
Diplocheila impressicollis ME(10)
Diplocheila obtusa UT image
Diplous aterrimus NV(14)
Diplous filicornis NV(14)
Discoderus amoenus TX[Brewster Co: det/@PWM]
Dromius piceus OK(6)
Discoderus aequalis CO[Prowers Co: leg. H.Zirlin, det/@PWM]
Dyschirius erythrocerus VA(2)
Dyschirius sellatus MI[Schoolcraft Co: det PWM @FMNH]
Dyschirius truncatus OK(6)
Elaphropus anceps DC(9)
Elaphropus anthrax NV(14)
Elaphropus capax TX[Brazoz Co(2017)/Sabine Co(1975): @TAMU det V.Belov v.i.]
Elaphropus conjugens NV(14)
Elaphropus dolosus ME(10) NV(14) VA image(15)
Elaphropus ferrugineus NH(12) WI(8)
Elaphropus granarius TX[Brazos Co/Burleson Co/San Augustine Co: several exx @TAMU det V.Belov v.i.]
Elaphropus conjugens NM image
Elaphropus incurvus VA: unconfirmed as ex lost image
Elaphropus obesulus TX: det in question image
Elaphropus parvulus MA [new to eastern North America] image
Elaphropus (Tachyura) quadrisignatus (Duftschmid) new to Western Hemisphere NJ[image] VA(9)
Elaphropus vivax RI(13)
Elaphrus americanus NU(16)
Elaphrus californicus OK(6)
Elaphrus clairvillei NU(16)
Elaphrus fuliginosus NU(16)
Elaphrus lecontei NU(16)
Ellipsoptera puritana removed VA per (2)
Galerita lecontei lecontei NV(14) OK(6) UT [Coleopt. Bull. 67(1):56-57, 2013]
Gastrellarius blanchardi TN image
Habroscelimorpha pamphila AL[Cincidela 45:13, 2013]
Harpalus affinis CA[Pan-Pacific Entomologist 90:66-71, 2014] DC[record overlooked in (9)] UT image | image
Harpalus compar MD [MD Biodiversity/det C. Harden]
Harpalus ellipsis NV(14)
Harpalus fulvilabris UT image
Harpalus fuscipalpus NE[Scotts Bluff Co: 2010 leg/det FFP @J.Pretorius]
Harpalus gravis KS image
Harpalus katiae MD image(15)
Harpalus laticeps UT image
Harpalus opacipennis OK(6)
Harpalus rubripes VA(9) WI(8)
Helluomorphoides praeustus praeustus RI(13)
Lachnocrepis parallela TX image
Laemostenus complanatus NV(14)
Lebia abdominalis OK(6)
Lebia arizonica [verified? NV image]
Lebia collaris OK(6) SC[Insecta Mundi 0636:1-5, 2018]
Lebia fuscata OK (6)
Lebia grandis ME(10)
Lebia lobulata KY image
Lebia perita IA[Dallas Co: 2012 leg. E.Freese det/@FFP] NV(14) TX[Jeff Davis Co: 2014 leg/det/@FFP]
Lebia pleuritica OK(6) See challenge to OK record below by V.Belov 19 Sept 2018
Lebia rugatifrons (Chaudoir) new to USA TX image | image
Lebia tricolor verified TX [Brazos Co & Sabine Co @TAMU det V.Belov v.i.]
Lebia variegata new to USA AZ image
Lebia 'UASM Lebia 53' unresolved (= atypical color morph of Lebia solea?) LA image
Leptotrachelus dorsalis OK(6) MA image | image WY image
Leptotrachelus pallidulus MS["Hancock Co: det R.Davidson" per D.Hildebrandt pers. com. 02/20/13]
Lionepha australerasa sp. n.(18) CA image
Lionepha chintiminiL. erasa(18)
Lionepha "erasa" [Reconsider all of BugGuide's Lionepha in light of (18)]
Lionepha kavanaughi sp. n.(18)
Lionepha lindrothellusL. erasa (18)
Lionepha lindrothi sp. n.(18)
Lionepha lummiL. erasa(18)
Lionepha probata removed from synonymy with L. erasa(18) UT image
Lionepha tuulukula sp. n.(18)
Loricera pilicornis pilicornis NV image(14)
Loxandrus cincinnati OK(6)
Loxandrus nr. circulus VA(9)
Loxandrus duryi OK(6)
Loxandrus erraticus OK(6) VA[Banisteria 45:61-62, 2015]
Loxandrus nitidulus OK(6)
Loxandrus parallelus OK(6)
Loxandrus rectus OK(6)
Loxandrus robustus OK(6)
Loxandrus saphyrinus OK(6)
Loxandrus velocipes OK(6)
Micratopus sp. unresolved AZ image
Microlestes nigrinus verified NM [Santa Fe Co: 2007 leg. R. Delph, det/@ PWM]
Microlestes pusio VA(9)
Mioptachys flavicauda DE image
Mochtherus tetraspilotus SC[Insecta Mundi 0636:1-5, 2018]
Morion monilicornis KS image
Myas coracinus ME(10)
Nebria baumanni Kavanaugh sp. n. NV[Proc. Calif. Acad. Sci. 62:441-450 2015]
Nebria brevicollis TX[Smith Co/2015, Brazos Co/2015 & 2017, all @ TAMU, det V.Belov/D.Kavanaugh]
Nebria nivalis gaspesiana NH(12)
Nomius pygmaeus MO[Carter Co, Fremont, 1 ex @TAMU det V.Belov v.i.]
Notiophilus aeneus AR image
Notiobia cyanippa new to USA AZ images
Notiobia nitidipennis KY image
Notiobia terminata NV(14) UT image
Notiophilus aquaticus NJ image
Notiophilus biguttatus MA images
Notiophilus nitens NV(14)
Oodes americanus DC(9) OK(6)
Oodes brevis WI(8)
Olisthopus brevicornis IN[Porter Co. det/@PWM]
Olisthopus iterans AR[Newton Co. det/@PWM]
Olisthopus micans ME(10)
Omophron labiatum RI image | image
Omophron robustum MT image
Ophonus puncticeps UT image
Paraclivina ferrea NE[Scotts Bluff Co: 2010 leg. FFP @J.Pretorius det FFP] VT(12)
Paraclivina postica PA image
Paraclivina striatopunctata MD[Banisteria 38:71-84, 2011]
Paraclivina sulcipennis GA[Wheerler Co: 1♀ 2015 leg/det/@FFP]
Panagaeus fasciatus ME(10)
Pasimachus sublaevis DE image
Patrobus fossifrons NV(14)
Patrobus lecontei MT image
Patrobus stygicus WY under review image
Pentagonica bicolor AL image GA[Wheerler Co: 1♀ 2015 leg/det/@FFP]
Pentagonica picticornis ME(10)
Philodes rectangulus NH(12)
Philophuga viridis amoena SD image
Phloeoxena signata TX[Angelina Co.: series @TAMU, det V.Belov v.i.]
Platynus acuminatus new to USA AZ[image Cochise Co: 4 exx leg. C.Melton, det/@PWM] | more images
Platynus opaculus VA(9)
Platynus daviesi NH/VT(12)
Plochionus timidus OK(6) KY image UT image
Poecilus corvus AZ image
Poecilus cyanicolor AZ image
Poecilus lucublandus AZ image
Polyderis rufotestacea NV(14)
Pseudamara arenaria → tribe Zabrini by Gomez et al. 2016.
Pseudaptinus (Thalpius) dorsalis MO image NC image PA: record by Messer 2011 overlooked by Bousquet 2012
Pseudaptinus (Thalpius) rufulus NV(14) WA(5)
Pseudaptinus (Thalpius) simplex new to USA AZ image | image
Pseudomorpha huachinera sp. n. AZ(4)
Pseudomorpha patagonia sp. n. AZ(4)
Pseudomorpha penablanca sp. n. AZ(4)
Pseudomorpha pima sp. n. AZ(4)
Pseudomorpha santacruz sp. n. AZ(4)
Pseudomorpha santarita sp. n. AZ(4) NM(4)
Pterostichus commutablis UT image
Pterostichus corrusculus VT(12)
Pterostichus escarinatus CO[Clear Crk. Co: 2014 leg/det/@FFP]
Pterostichus (Anilloferonia) lanei (Hatch, 1935) → replacement Pterostichus (Anilloferonia) diana LaBonte, 2013 [Zootaxa 3682 (4):563-571]
Pterostichus luctuosus NV(14)
Pterostichus permundus DC(9) MD image | The Maryland Entomologist 7:35-47, 2017 VA(9)
Pterostichus punctatissimus WI(8)
Pterostichus restrictus UT image
Pterostichus sculptus VA(9)
Pterostichus subacutus AR[Coleopt. Bull. 70(2):309-313, 2016]
Pterostichus tenuis VA image(15)
Pterostichus vernalis VT(12)
Rhadine caudata NC[first documented state record claimed by Riley & Browne in Coleopt. Bull. 68(2): 239-240, 2014. NC status given earlier by Bousquet (2012)]
Rhadine nivalis AZ image | image | image
Scaphinotus fissicollis WI image
Scaphinotus hoodooensis sp. n. MT[Proceed. Calif. Acad. Sci. 62:381-396, 2015]
Scarites subterraneus NV(14) UT image
Scarites vicinus DC(9) GA[Cherokee Co: det/@PWM] MD[Banisteria 44:23-25, 2014] VA(9)
Schizogenius depressus NV(14)
Schizogenius lineolatus GA[Greene Co: 2013 leg/det/@FFP]
Schizogenius litigiosus AZ image | image
Selenophorus fabricii sp. n. FL [Zookeys 690: 1-195, 2017]
Selenophorus famulus NV(14)
Selenophorus fatuus KY image
Selenophorus integer removed from FL (replaced in FL by S. fabricii sp. n.)
Selenophorus palliatus verified VA[Sussex Co: 1♂ det PWM leg. R. Whalen @Virginia Polytech Institute]
Selenophorus pedicularius KY image
Sericoda obsoleta OK(6)
Somotrichus unifasciatus verified TX image; VA[Powhatan Co: leg/det/@AV.Evans per C.Harden(15)]
Stenocrepis duodecimstriata RI image | image | image | image
Stenocrepis mexicana MD[The Maryland Entomologist 7:35-47, 2017]
Stenolophus comma NV(14)
Stenolophus flavipes UT image
Stenolophus fuliginosus NV(14) UT image
Stenolophus limbalis AZ[Mohave Co.: Pipe Spring NM 7/2012, 1♀ det/@PWM]
Stenolophus lineola WA(5)
Stenolophus maculatus NM[Eddy Co: 2♀ 2014 leg/det/@FFP]
Stenolophus ochropezus ID image NV(14)
Stomis termitiformis CA image
Synuchus impunctatus verified−CO[Animas Co: ♂♀ 2014 leg/det/@FFP] AR image
Tachys (Paratachys) oblitus WI(8)
Tachys (Paratachys) potomaca DC(9)
Tachys (Paratachys) scitulus RI(13)
Tachys (Tachys) mordax TX image
Tachys (Tachys) vittiger TX(v.i.) image
Tachyta angulata OK(6)
Tachyta parvicornis ME(10) OK[Latimer Co: 6 exx 1993-97 @TAMU det V.Belov v.i.]
Tetragonoderus intersectus OK image
Tetragonoderus pallidus UT image
Tetraleucus picticornis OK image
Thalpius: see Pseudaptinus
Trachypachus inermis NM image, SD[as syn. T. holmbergi in Coleopt. Bull. 66:357, 2012]
Trachypachus gibbsii UT image
Trechus quadristriatus VA image(15)
Trechus tenuiscapus NV(14)
Trichotichnus fulgens RI(13) image | image | image
Zuphium punctipenne Bates new to USA TX[Hidalgo Co: det RL Davidson pers. com. 2012 @?TAMU]

These claims for new geographic records require species confirmation in the opinion of PWM.
"Poecilus cursitor" WA image
"Stolonis intercepta" OK(6) and several other species listed 4/5/2014 in bold print are questionably assigned to "OK"(6).

Items removed from the registry.
Bembidion cf. or nr. fortestriatum AZ [UW-IRC: Graham Co, det PWM; Tree of Life website: Greenlee Co, det Maddison 2005] discussed below.

A cited work that affects more than three species is assigned a number as follows.
1. Catalogue of Geadephaga (Coleoptera, Adephaga) of America, north of Mexico. Bousquet, Y. 2012. ZooKeys 245:1–1722.

2. New and Additional Records of Ground Beetles and Wrinkled Bark Beetles for Virginia (Coleoptera: Carabidae, Rhysodidae). Roble, S.M. & R.L. Hoffman. 2012. Banisteria No 40:42-48.

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13. The Beetle Fauna of Rhode Island. Sikes, D.S. 2004. [NB: Some of the RI records in Sikes' well-documented 2004 list were likely omitted by Bousquet (2012) because they were based on very old specimens identified before modern species keys became available.]

14. Additions to the knowledge of Nevada carabid beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) and a preliminary list of carabids from the Great Basin National Park. Will, K., Madan, R., Hsu, H. 2017. Biodiversity Data Journal 5: 1- 23.

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18. Species delimitation, classical taxonomy and genome skimming: a review of the ground beetle genus Lionepha (Coleoptera: Carabidae). Maddison, D.R. & JS Sproul. 2020. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society XX: 1 - 46.

Anillinus murrayae - SC

Anillinus cherokee - SC and GA
SC record mentioned in key on p.15 in Sokolov & Carlton 2010 (lowae-group revision), but not listed in Bousquet 2012

New Amblycheila

Anillinus elongatus in VA

This photo is of a female, as it's the most photogenic specimen I have, but I dissected males from the same collecting event and they match Sokolov's illustrations.

(Chrysostigma) ampliator AZ h
(Chrysostigma) ampliator AZ

Poecilus lucublandus Arizona

Poecilus cyanicolor AZ

Dromo news
see (1)
Dan Duran sent me a copy a couple of days ago, and told that papers fixing other taxonomic & nomenclatural problems involving the nearctic cicindelines have been submitted for publication

"Unifying Systematics & Taxonomy of Nearctic Tiger Beetles"
is reported in Insecta Mundi Sept 27, 2019 (0727): 1-12 by Duran & Gough. The paper is freely downloadable as a PDF here.
Can we expect additional papers by Dan Duran as V. Belov suggested above? BugGuide must do a few changes to comply with the current Tiger Beetle classification. See BugGuide's Taxonomy Proposals.

Additional recent papers of interest are:
Duran, D. P., D. P. Herrmann, S. J. Roman, R. A. Gwiazdowski, J. A. Drummond, G. R. Hood, and S. P. Egan. 2019. Cryptic diversity in the North American Dromochorus tiger beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Cicindelinae): a congruence-based method for species discovery. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 186: 250–285.
See here.

Gough, H. M., D. P. Duran, A. Y. Kawahara, and E. F. Toussaint. 2019. A comprehensive molecular phylogeny of tiger beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Cicindelinae). Systematic Entomology 44: 305–321.

Lebia tricolor confirmed in TX
got one last night at my back porch (Brazos Co.), unmistakable beast.
TAMUIC also has TX specimens: from Brazos Co. (2) and Sabine Co. (1)

Bembidion incrematum Utah

True B. cheyennense from Utah
True B. cheyennense from Utah

Bembidion patruele Utah

B. cheyennense(?) Utah

Peter, I realize you have a specimen labelled from Utah already. I haven't been able to find anything that helps separate bifossulatum from cheyennense, so I'm asking for help as well as offering a potential locality for the species.

Scarites subterraneus Utah

Bembidion mexicanum Utah [th
Bembidion mexicanum Utah

Lionepha erasa in Utah. Image
Lionepha erasa in Utah. Image posted from my account.

Can anyone explain to me how one shares images through comments?

2020 update: This is Lionepha probata (Casey, 1918).
See the registry listing above for more information.

The simplest way is BBCode
Without spaces, use the code [ thumb: XXXXX ] where XXXX is the number of the bugguide image. So for your Lionepha image, type [ thumb: 1639339 ] without spaces to get:

If you go to the "help" tab, click on "markup" and there are examples of helpful code useable on bugguide

Thank you for your help.

Calleida punctulata Arizona.
Calleida punctulata Arizona. Several images on the guide. In my observation, specimens that key out to punctulata from Arizona look different than the specimens from Texas on the guide. I wonder if they'll turn out to be different species.

Omophron robustum NE Montana.
Omophron robustum NE Montana. Submitted just now from my account.

Patrobus stygicus(?) Wyoming
Patrobus stygicus(?) Wyoming
Patrobus lecontei Montana
Poecilus corvus Arizona
Pterostichus commutabilis Utah
Pterostichus restrictus Utah

Diplocheila obtusa Utah.Ani
Diplocheila obtusa Utah.
Anisodactylus porosus Utah.
Anisodactylus nigrita Utah.
Anisodactylus nigrita Wyoming.
Anisodactylus binotatus Idaho.
Anisodactylus binotatus Utah.
Notiobia terminata Utah.
Harpalus fulvilabris Utah.
Harpalus laticeps Utah.

All of these were recently submitted from my account. More to come later. Thank you Peter for taking care of all these. I'm glad I tried out the scope lens photography technique.

Almost forgot one
Stenolophus fuliginosus Utah.

Ophonus puncticeps Utah. http
Ophonus puncticeps Utah.

Stenolophus flavipes from Uta
Stenolophus flavipes from Utah, and a specific locality for Arizona

Stenolophus ochropezus Idaho.
Stenolophus ochropezus Idaho.

Anchomenus aeneolus Nevada. h
Anchomenus aeneolus Nevada.

Agonum propinquum Utah. https
Agonum propinquum Utah.

Leptotrachelus dorsalis Wyomi
Leptotrachelus dorsalis Wyoming.

Tetragonoderus pallidus Utah.
Tetragonoderus pallidus Utah.

Plochionus timidus Utah. http
Plochionus timidus Utah.

Phloeoxena signata in TX
a long series from Angelina Co. in TAMUIC

Bembidion ambiguum new to north america -

Morion monilicornis in KS

Because Cymindis abbreviata a
Because Cymindis abbreviata and C. ampliata were synonymized under C. p. platicollis, Colorado is a new state record for that species.

Quick correction
Trachypachus gibbsii, if from Provo, should be within Utah County (vs Wasatch County.

Badister transversus in TX... ha!
San Patricio Co. 1.xi.2013 UV light, Riley & Quinn

quite unexpected... so far south...
distinctive beast, tho... hard to confuse

Bradycellus californicus in Utah?
for what it's worth, i found a specimen in TAMUIC (vic. Lehi, Utah Co. 29.iii.1966) that looks exactly like that übercommon (and reasonably distictive) western species -- but it's a messy group


not the most photogenic specimen, mille pardons

I have a series from Utah Lake which Lehi touches.

helpful technique
disregard all the taxa described by Casey, and things start making sense straight away.
this serendipitous disovery helped me immensely as i was trying to put names on members of all sorts of tough beetle genera.
this approximation will take care of, say, 99% of the specimens, for all n>>100.
then you try to match that small residue to Casey's taxa the best you can -- or, better, leave the pesky task to the grownups and go celebrate

oh! P!S! last night i found a nice specimen of Trachypachus gibbsii from Utah (Provo, 10.v.2003 JR Jones)


I am a friend of Josh.
Does the specimen have GPS coordinates attached?

nope :/

interesting record
I reckon stranger things have happened. I'm looking forward to finding that species. I only have the widespread T. inermis from the area. I talked to Josh; he was attending school in Provo in 2003.

Lebia pleuritica OK record challenged
i looked at the specimen (in TAMUIC); the ID is G.E.Ball's, but still the beast has metatarsomere 4 rather modestly emarginate, not bilobed, so it's probably L. tuckeri instead, imho

Tachys mordax in TX

Some new VA and WV records, and a deletion for VA -
In upcoming issue of Banisteria, these are reported (in a paper by myself) as new to VA, (in addition to Cymindis elegans and Somotrichus unifasciatus already reported on this page):
Agonum mutatum
Brachinus americanus
Cyclotrachelus convivus
Elaphropus dolosus
Pterostichus tenuis
Trechus quadristriatus

Photos of these species will be posted soon.

Re-examination of Clinidium apertum allegheniensis in VMNH collection revealed that the specimens had been misidentified, and the species is removed from the VA list in the paper, but is given WV status based on material at CMNH and fresh collections made last year by Bob Davidson, Bob Acciavatti, and myself.

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