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weevil - Epicaerus imbricatus

weevil - Epicaerus imbricatus
fayetteville, washington County, Arkansas, USA
June 21, 2006
Size: ~12mm

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weevil - Epicaerus imbricatus weevil - Epicaerus imbricatus


Epicaerus imbricatus (Say)
Charles O'Brien det.

E. imbricatus
thank you very much for the ID


Hi Edward,
You are adding quite a few excellent arthropod photos to bugguide and seem to be fairly knowledgeable about certain orders anyway. It's great to see your material. Any chance you could add some detail to your personal page (reachable by clicking on your name)? A number of us regular users enjoy "getting to know" each other by checking out the bio pages.

hello Jim
i promise i will get to that... although i am afraid there is very little to tell.

Very little is OK
It is just that it helps all of us, especially when you comment on somebody else's images or when you ID your own. BTW, you could go ahead and place images like this directly in the corresponding family rather than in ID request, it saves the editors some time and it increases the chances to be seen by specialists.

fair enough so
fair enough so.