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Square-headed Wasp - Ectemnius cephalotes

Square-headed Wasp - Ectemnius cephalotes
Ayer, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA
August 30, 2006
I found this one just walking around on top of a leaf, and noticed that a wing had been broken off. Is this one of the Crabroninae?

Eric, thanks for the identification to species. This really yellow wasp reminded me of the western US wasps.

E. cephalotes.
This species is unmistakeable, and one of the largest in the genus. Great shot!

Ectemnius sp.
I thought so, but it has a lot more yellow than the others in the guide. Thanks Don.

there are
a fair number of species in NH. Most of the crabronine photos the past 2-3 days all look like Ectemnius also, but I am reluctant to post these thoughts for specimens from Illinois and other far-flung places.

probably an Ectemnius.