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Family Melyridae - Soft-winged Flower Beetles

Attalus scincetus Microlipus productus Fall - Microlipus productus Attalus trimaculatus ? - Attalus Beetle - Malachius aeneus soft-winged flower - Collops - female Unknown beetle Collops quadrimaculatus - male Collops quadrimaculatus

Hairy guy - Rhadalus testaceus Hairy guy - Rhadalus testaceus Mystery beetle - Semijulistus ater Semijulistus flavipes (LeConte) - Semijulistus flavipes beetle - Rhadalus Ah, help... - Rhadalus Unknown Beetle - Rhadalus Hairy brown beetle - Rhadalus testaceus - female

Melyrodes basalis (LeConte) - Melyrodes basalis Melyrodes basalis (LeConte) - Melyrodes basalis Small beetle - Melyrodes basalis Melyridae - Melyrodes cribrata Melyridae - Melyrodes cribrata Beetle - Melyrodes cribrata Melyrodes floridana (Casey) - Melyrodes floridana Melyrodes basalis

Family: Melyridae?  Genus:Listrus?  On Rare Plant - Listrus Dasytinae, right? - Trichochrous fieldii - male - female Melyrid - Dasytes - male Leptovectura adspersa Casey - Leptovectura adspersa Trichochrous Melyrid T. brevicornis - Trichochrous brevicornis Melyrid (?) with orange markings on posterior elytra - Trichochrous

Red Beetle Larva Does anyone know what this is? Soft-winged flower beetle larva Soft-winged Flower Beetles (Melyridae) Larva Unk. Larva Mystery larva Mystery larva melyrid larva