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Psephenidae? - Apteroloma

Psephenidae? - Apteroloma
Jemez River, Sandoval County, New Mexico, USA
May 17, 2011
Size: ~5mm
Floating in a puddle (dead) near Soda Dam.

Moved tentatively; that's what i thought -- thanks much, Rick
who might know for sure? Stewart Peck? [he's traveling, tho]

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very cool! looks like an agyrtid but i'm not sure yet
make sure not to post images to guide pages beyond the ID level you are fully comfortable with; whenever in doubt, place at order page.
there is no mechanism to weed out ID errors, and those tend to be perpetuated; we have enough misID'd pics as is...

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I did not expect that ID, I was way off! I'll try not post beyond what I think is correct again however, based on what I have read I may have done that already.

not sure but
This looks a lot like one I found in the Sandia Mountains, NM, which I have labeled as Agyrtidae: Apteroloma arizonicum. But I am pretty weak on this family and would want that checked.

pls take a look at...

I think this beetle's hind tarsi are countable as 5 in the picture, so I reject Myceto...

hmm... hind tarsi not visible there, except for the apices

By "this beetle" I mean Mark's beetle from the Jemez! It is not Myceto because it has 5 hind tarsi! Or maybe I misunderstood. Are you just asking me to think about that Mycetophagus specimen? In which case this is a strange place to put it.

oh... a misunderstanding, sorry
i was asking you to comment the Mycetophagus, and you answered that request, so i assumed 'this' to refer to the one on the thumbnail.
that request of mine was unrelated to the agyrtid

On the thumbnail Mycetophagus, I can't help. I have not found anything like that one here in NM. If it is distinctus, then it is quite a bit outside normal range but I've found a few PNW things in our mountains. pluripunctatus is quite variable but I doubt it would look like this. Sorry. I would need the antenna much clearer.

yes some PNW clickers pop up in the NM (and AZ) mountains; whether those are disjunct populations or they occur throughout the Rockies I am not yet sure.

Thanks Rick for your input
There was another slightly smaller one with it but, I lost it in the debris otherwise, UNM would have had one also. I'll keep my eyes open for one this summer/fall.