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western Oregon Leptophlebia - Leptophlebia pacifica - female

western Oregon Leptophlebia - Leptophlebia pacifica - Female
Corvallis, Benton County, Oregon, USA
March 19, 2013
Size: 13mm
Collected mature nymphs from isolated pools in a wet-prairie seasonal wetland on 10 March 2013. Reared the nymphs in an indoor aquarium until this adult emerged and shed its subimago skin on 19 March 2013.

Moved from Leptophlebia. Specimens sent to Dr. Steve Burian and confirmed as L. pacifica.

Moved from ID Request.

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moved to Leptophlebia
I moved this photo to Leptophlebia because I reared the specimen from a nymph I identified as this genus.