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California cicada - Platypedia minor

California cicada - Platypedia minor
San Rafael, Marin County, California, USA
April 8, 2013
James Kalin describes the sound as "about five fast clicks at the front end of a roughly .75 sec cycle."

Platypedia/Okanagana? Curious what the cicada experts think. Is species ID possible?

Moved from Platypedia putnami.

Moved from Cicadas.

I see you've moved this to P. putnami...
I see you've moved this to P. putnami. Woohoo! It now has a home!

What key identifiers should I be looking for when I'm trying to narrow Platypedia cicadas down to the putnami Species level?


Jimmy Wu would love this :)
Oh well, I placed one in the wrong spot.... Not the first and not the last :)


Oh's a faux pas
Oooops......I was moving & sorting images from Cicadidae to other taxa incl. Platypedia and must have put several of these under Platypedia putnami - btw, this is not a putnami

Haste makes waste!
Thanks for catching this!!!!

Sometimes I get to tagging and moving so many pic's, I take a wrong turn or road....

Considering the visible characters, color, wing shape and location, this bug best fits under P. minor.

Yeah, I was wondering...
Yeah, I was kind of wondering what made you change your mind from P. minor to P. putnami. But, now I see; it was an unintentional move.

Glad YOU caught it! I didn't catch anything. I don't know the Genus Platypedia well enough to venture even a minor guess!

I just thought you had changed your mind and so I was looking for some pointers on key features to look for in identifying the different Platypedia species. Which, from what you wrote, appear to focus in on color, wing shape, and location.


Some of these are not easy to id from pic's
I would like better rep's of Platypedia in my collection...have a few, but not as many as I'd like.


Platypedia minor (?)
Wing shape and characters suggest Platypedia minor

I suspect...
I think you're on the right track. I suspect something in the Genus Platypedia. Maybe you could move it there and see if Bill Reynolds could take a look at it?


Members in this group are difficult to id
These are difficult and the keys to taxa are not - in my opinion - great. I have discussed these with a few other folks most of whom agree...they need more work.

Thank you
Thank you for taking a look at it, Bill. That's the hairiest cicada I've ever seen, LOL.


Moved from ID Request.