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Ichneumon - Enicospilus

Ichneumon - Enicospilus
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
September 8, 2006
Size: 25 mm body length
Attracted to light. It had extraordinary blue eyes.


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Ichneumon - Enicospilus Ichneumon - Enicospilus Ichneumon - Enicospilus

my dog found one of these in
my dog found one of these in my living room.

I was just stung multiple tim
I was just stung multiple times by something that looks just like this and wondering if it is normal to see them in the Florida panhandle

Moved from Ichneumon Wasps.

both of your
images look like they could be Ophion

The problem is they are so hard to ID there mostly just lumped in to this main unidentified Ophion category

Unidentified Ophion like Ichneumon wasps

Ophion-like Ichneumon
Thanks, Gehan.

Great pic
Looks very similar to one I found here

Ophion-like Ichneumon
Thanks, Guy. They do look very similar.