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Order Plecoptera - Stoneflies

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Plecoptera - Stoneflies

Superfamily Nemouroidea
Family Capniidae - Small Winter Stoneflies
Genus Allocapnia
Species granulata - Common Snowfly
Species maria - Allocapnia maria
Species minima - Allocapnia minima
Species nivicola - Allocapnia nivicola
Species pygmaea - Allocapnia pygmaea
Species recta - Allocapnia recta
Species rickeri - Midwest Snowfly
Species vivipara - Allocapnia vivipara
Genus Capnura
Species manitoba - Capnura manitoba
Genus Paracapnia
Species opis - Paracapnia opis
Species humboldta - Paracapnia humboldta
Species baumanni - Paracapnia baumanni
Species boris - Paracapnia boris
Species angulata - Paracapnia angulata
Genus Utacapnia
Species trava - Utacapnia trava
Genus Eucapnopsis
Species brevicauda - Eucapnopsis brevicauda
Genus Mesocapnia
Genus Bolshecapnia
Species maculata - Bolshecapnia maculata
Genus Capnia
Species umpqua - Capnia umpqua
Species zukeli - Capnia zukeli
Species lineata - Capnia lineata
Species promota - Capnia promota
Family Leuctridae - Rolled-winged Stoneflies
Genus Megaleuctra
Species complicata - Megaleuctra complicata
Genus Leuctra
Species duplicata - Leuctra duplicata
Species ferruginea - Leuctra ferruginea
Species laura - Leuctra laura
Species sibleyi - Leuctra sibleyi
Species tenella - Leuctra tenella
Species tenuis - Leuctra tenuis
Species truncata - Leuctra truncata
Species variabilis - Leuctra variabilis
Genus Moselia
Species infuscata - Hairy Needlefly
Genus Paraleuctra
Species sara - Paraleuctra sara
Species vershina - Paraleuctra vershina
Genus Despaxia
Species augusta - Despaxia augusta
Genus Zealeuctra
Family Nemouridae - Spring Stoneflies
Subfamily Nemourinae
Genus Nemoura
Species trispinosa - Nemoura trispinosa
Genus Ostrocerca
Species albidipennis - Ostrocerca albidipennis
Species complexa - Ostrocerca complexa
Species dimicki - Ostrocerca dimicki
Species prolongata - Ostrocerca prolongata
Species truncata - Ostrocerca truncata
Genus Paranemoura
Species perfecta - Paranemoura perfecta
Genus Podmosta
Species macdunnoughi - Podmosta macdunnoughi
Species obscura - Podmosta obscura
Genus Prostoia
Species completa - Prostoia completa
Species similis - Prostoia similis
Genus Shipsa
Species rotunda - Shipsa rotunda
Genus Soyedina
Species interrupta - Soyedina interrupta
Species vallicularia - Soyedina vallicularia
Species washingtoni - Soyedina washingtoni
Species nevadensis - Soyedina nevadensis
Genus Zapada
Species cinctipes - Zapada cinctipes
Species columbiana - Zapada columbiana
Species cordillera - Zapada cordillera
Species frigida - Zapada frigida
Species oregonensis - Zapada oregonensis
Genus Visoka
Species cataractae - Visoka cataractae
Subfamily Amphinemurinae
Genus Amphinemura
Species linda - Amphinemura linda
Species nigritta - Amphinemura nigritta
Species wui - Amphinemura wui
Genus Malenka
Species depressa - Malenka depressa
Family Taeniopterygidae - Winter Stoneflies
Genus Bolotoperla
Species rossi - Bolotoperla rossi
Genus Oemopteryx
Species contorta - Oemopteryx contorta
Species glacialis - Oemopteryx glacialis
Genus Strophopteryx
Species fasciata - Strophopteryx fasciata
Genus Taenionema
Species californicum - Taenionema californicum
Species oregonense - Oregon Willowfly
Species kincaidi - Taenionema kincaidi
Species atlanticum - Taenionema atlanticum
Genus Taeniopteryx
Species burksi - Taeniopteryx burksi
Species nivalis - Taeniopteryx nivalis
Species parvula - Taeniopteryx parvula
Superfamily Perloidea
Family Chloroperlidae - Green Stoneflies
Subfamily Paraperlinae
Genus Kathroperla
Species perdita - Longhead Sallfly
Species takhoma - Kathroperla takhoma
Genus Utaperla
Species gaspesiana - Utaperla gaspesiana
Genus Paraperla
Species frontalis - Hyporheic Sallfly
Subfamily Chloroperlinae
Tribe Alloperlini
Genus Alloperla
Species concolor - Alloperla concolor
Species petasata - Alloperla petasata
Genus Sweltsa
Species borealis - Sweltsa borealis
Species coloradensis - Sweltsa coloradensis
Species lateralis - Sweltsa lateralis
Species naica - Sweltsa naica
Species onkos - Sweltsa onkos
Tribe Chloroperlini
Genus Haploperla
Species brevis - Haploperla brevis
Genus Suwallia
Species forcipata - Suwallia forcipata
Species marginata - Suwallia marginata
Family Perlidae - Common Stoneflies
Subfamily Perlinae
Genus Agnetina
Species annulipes - Southern Stone
Species capitata - Agnetina capitata
Species flavescens - Agnetina flavescens
Genus Claassenia
Species sabulosa - Claassenia sabulosa
Genus Neoperla
Species clymene - Neoperla clymene
Species coosa - Neoperla coosa
Species mainensis - Neoperla mainensis
Genus Paragnetina
Species fumosa - Paragnetina fumosa
Species immarginata - Beautiful Stone
Species media - Paragnetina media
Subfamily Acroneuriinae
Genus Acroneuria
Species abnormis - Common Stone
Species arenosa - Acroneuria arenosa
Species carolinensis - Acroneuria carolinensis
Species evoluta - Acroneuria evoluta
Species lycorias - Acroneuria lycorias
Genus Attaneuria
Species ruralis - Attaneuria ruralis
Genus Calineuria
Species californica - Calineuria californica
Genus Doroneuria
Species baumanni - Doroneuria baumanni
Genus Eccoptura
Species xanthenes - Eccoptura xanthenes
Genus Hesperoperla
Species hoguei - Hesperoperla hoguei
Species pacifica - Golden Stonefly
Genus Perlesta
Species nelsoni - Perlesta nelsoni
Species nitida - Perlesta nitida
Species xube - Perlesta xube
Genus Perlinella
Species drymo - Striped Stone
Species ephyre - Vernal Stone
Family Perlodidae - Perlodid Stoneflies
Subfamily Perlodinae - Springflies
Tribe Perlodini
Genus Diura
Genus Helopicus
Species subvarians - Helopicus subvarians
Genus Isogenoides
Species hansoni - Isogenoides hansoni
Species frontalis - Isogenoides frontalis
Genus Malirekus
Species hastatus - Malirekus hastatus
Species iroquois - Malirekus iroquois
Genus Yugus
Genus Susulus
Species venustus - Beautiful Springfly
Tribe Diploperlini
Genus Cultus
Species verticalis - Cultus verticalis
Genus Diploperla
Species duplicata - Diploperla duplicata
Genus Kogotus
Genus Remenus
Tribe Arcynopterygini
Genus Frisonia
Species picticeps - Frisonia picticeps
Genus Megarcys
Species subtruncata - Megarcys subtruncata
Genus Oroperla
Species barbara - Oroperla barbara
Genus Perlinodes
Species aurea - Perlinodes aurea
Genus Salmoperla
Species sylvanica - Salmoperla sylvanica
Genus Skwala
Species americana - American Springfly 0
Species curvata - Skwala curvata
Subfamily Isoperlinae - Green-winged Stoneflies
Genus Clioperla
Species clio - Clioperla clio
Genus Isoperla
Species bilineata - Isoperla bilineata
Species davisi - Isoperla davisi
Species dicala - Isoperla dicala
Species holochlora - Isoperla holochlora
Species lata - Isoperla lata
Species marlynia - Isoperla marlynia
Species marmorata - Isoperla marmorata
Species montana - Isoperla montana
Species namata - Isoperla namata
Species orata - Isoperla orata
Species pinta - Isoperla pinta
Species richardsoni - Isoperla richardsoni
Species signata - Isoperla signata
Species similis - Isoperla similis
Species transmarina - Isoperla transmarina
Genus Cosumnoperla
Species hypocrena - Cosumnoperla hypocrena
Superfamily Pteronarcyoidea
Family Peltoperlidae - Roach-like Stoneflies
Genus Peltoperla
Genus Sierraperla
Species cora - Giant Roachfly
Genus Soliperla
Species sierra - Soliperla sierra
Genus Tallaperla
Species maria - Tallaperla maria
Genus Yoraperla
Species nigrisoma - Yoraperla nigrisoma
Species mariana - Yoraperla mariana
Family Pteronarcyidae - Giant Stoneflies
Genus Pteronarcys - Giant Stoneflies
Species biloba - Knobbed Salmonfly
Species californica - Giant Salmonfly
Species dorsata - American Salmonfly
Species princeps - Ebony Salmonfly
Species proteus - Appalachian Salmonfly
Species pictetii - Midwestern Salmonfly
Genus Pteronarcella
Species regularis - Pteronarcella regularis
Species badia - Pteronarcella badia
No Taxon missing taxa