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Cuckoo Bee - Nomada

Cuckoo Bee - Nomada
Colchester, Chittenden County, Vermont, USA
April 27, 2013
A small, beautiful wasp. Wish I had my net... was stuck chasing it and getting poor images!

**correction... not a wasp at all! Thanks for the ID help!

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Cuckoo Bee - Nomada Vespidae - Nomada Vespidae - Nomada



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Bee, I think.
Looks like Nomada. The experts will be able to say for sure.

wow, it
wow, it does look similar to Nomada sp.. gracilis looks similar, but it also looks like a lot of potential candidates in that genus, so I think I better leave it to the experts than try to guess myself. Thanks for the lead!

Yes t does look like a gracilis female
But I'm not sure

Ken is right as usual