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Genus Taeniopoda - Horse Lubbers

Brust M., Thurman J., Reuter C., Black L., Redford A.J. (2014) Grasshoppers of the Western U.S., Ed. 4

Brust M., Thurman J., Reuter C., Black L., Redford A.J. (2014) Grasshoppers of the Western U.S., Ed. 4

Grasshopper Species Fact Sheets
contains relatively detailed factsheets about Wyoming grasshoppers. This may be the new link for all of the links that don't work anymore.

Key to Tree Crickets encountered in the U.S.
This key can be used to identify tree crickets found in the U.S.

The Grasshoppers of Nebraska
In the format of a printed guide; published by the Nebraska Extension Service out of the University of Nebraska.

Has identification keys, photographs of pinned specimens, and distribution maps for most species in the state. It is a good reference for identifying Grasshoppers, useful in much of the northern and central Great Plains and regions immediately adjacent.

Grasshoppers on the Canadian Prairies
Identification notes and general information about grasshoppers of the Canadian Prairies and the Northern Great Plains.

Checklist of the Orthopteroid Orders of Oklahoma
Checklist contains 215 true Orthoptera plus 19 species of cockroaches, 4 species of mantids and 8 species of walkingsticks.

Link updated 14 January 2010.

Orthoptera of Michigan
PDF file, full title: The Orthoptera of Michigan — Biology, Keys, and Descriptions of Grasshoppers, Katydids, and Crickets.

I only see the Acrididae in that link--needs investigation. Color photos of each genus in that volume. Apparently the PDF is only part of the whole publication--too bad.

There is supposed to be a print version, quoting from the web site:
The Orthoptera of Michigan, Biology, keys, and descriptions of grasshoppers, katydids and crickets by Roger Bland. MSU Extension Bulletin E-2815, 220 pp. ISBN - 1-56525-017-6. ordering information is online at: