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Tropidia? - Chalcosyrphus nemorum

Tropidia? - Chalcosyrphus nemorum
Midgic, Westmorland County, New Brunswick, Canada
May 11, 2013
Size: est. 6 mm
Could this be Tropidia?

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Tropidia? - Chalcosyrphus nemorum unknown syrphid - Chalcosyrphus nemorum

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This seems to be like Xylota
This seems to be like Xylota fraudulosa ( Bulletin 31, United States National Museum, page 230 ) with the thoracic markings and is mostly considered a synonym of Chalcosyrphus nemorum.

After further reading I am le
After further reading I am less certain this is what they thought of as Xylota fraudulosa but still think this is an unusual form of Chalcosyrphus nemorum.

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Tropidia looks right to me, but I haven't seen these in the wild

Thanks, Ron.
I just spent more time looking at BG images and the Ontario Syrphid guide and Tropidia does look good. Antenna colour and abdomen pattern don't fit male T. quadrata so perhaps one of the other species?

Then again there is Chalcosyrphus, Xylota, ......

I'm a bit more familiar with those and still think Tropidia.
Your call, as always.
(Have you checked the Info page on T. quadrata? Leg is telling. Do you have anything that might show that feature?)

No luck with additional photos.
I went back and checked the 15 images I have of this individual and all were taken from above so don't help with that. I should know better by now......

So many angles to consider.
My second shot, if possible, would to the face, then a profile. Exception: With the thick-legged critters, a shot of the "drumbstick". I was totally non-plused one time when asked for a view of a beetle's feet and had nothing even close! (Drumbsticks are good for grasshoppers, too.)