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New bug to check out. - Exaireta spinigera

New bug to check out. - Exaireta spinigera
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
September 13, 2006
Found this one today. Didn't seem to have much life about it as the weather was a little cooler. Any info etc. would be great, thanks.

Big find!
Uhhhh, that is an awesome find! This is a new import from down under..
It is a Strat, Exaireta spinigera, which is introduced from Australia to New Zealand and to HAwaii and I was just recording all the recent finds here in California and I heard that it was found up there in Canada... Very interesting. It would be nice if you could give me the exact locality so I could include this in a paper if you do not mind...
Thanks Martin

ID insect
Hi Martin. I live in the greater Victoria area on Vancouver island and the insect was in our garden as are all the insects, spiders etc that I post. Thank you for the ID. I took a couple of shots of it and was going to take a few more but it had gone when I went out again.

If you ever got some more pic
If you ever got some more pics, let me know cause I'm still looking for a pic I could use in the publication...