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Giant House Spider of sorts? - Hogna antelucana - female

Giant House Spider of sorts? - Hogna antelucana - Female
Los Lunas, Valencia County, New Mexico, USA
August 28, 2006
Size: body about 5/8" long
This is some sort of mat weaver I found scurrying across my carpet around 1 in the morning. It bears some resemblance to a species of giant house spider that's very common in these parts, but this one has a much larger abdomen and lacks the prominent black stripes that the other has on its thorax. My initial thought when I saw it was that it might be a hobo spider (T. agrestis), but I dismissed that possibility immediately once I got a close look at it. Any thoughts?


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you near water? This could be Dolomedes gertschi, as there are records from nearby Catron County. It seems to be more common in AZ.

Desert area
No, I don't live terribly near water. There is a river that runs through town, but that's about the only naturally occurring body of water in the area. It does rain, on occasion, and sometimes quite a bit at once, but otherwise the area is pretty much a desert.

Looked up D. gertschi and found this image. Not even close.

image is of a male spider. It also does not match the drawing in the Dolomedes revision, but that may not mean anything. If it is indeed gertschi, it might just be an example of variation with adult males.

Another possibility for yours is a wolf spider, maybe Arctosa.

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I do not know the geographic range for the various species of fishing spiders (genus Dolomedes), but I would bet that this specimen is in that genus. Let's wait and see what others say.