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Pisaurina mira - male

Pisaurina mira - Male
Columbia, Boone County, Missouri, USA
May 15, 2013
Size: 1/2 in, 2 1/2 in w/legs
This large spider walked the door to my bedroom while I was reading, and I found myself eye-to-eye with it when I looked up from my book. I had trouble fitting a glass over it, but once captured it became docile and lay down with it's front legs together. Later, as I annoyed it by taking pictures, it started moving around more, often using it's gigantic pedipalps somewhat like a fourth pair of legs! Fascinating guy.

At first I thought this was a member of Tengellidae. But based on other photos here, including the wonderful reference on spider eye patterns, I'm relocating to Pisaurina mira.

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Pisaurina mira - male Second photo - Pisaurina mira - male Third photo - Pisaurina mira - male

Moved from Tengellidae.