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Unidentified Larvae

Mystery larvae Grey worm Fly larvae? Beetle Larva? 'Berries,' with exit holes, eastern redcedar Leigh Farm Park caterpillars on Scirpus atrovirens 2017 2 Caterpillars(?) in pear Larva
Kingdom Animalia (Animals)
Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods)
No Taxon (Unidentified Tracks, Sign, and Other Mysteries)
No Taxon Unidentified Larvae
See Also
These are links to most of the higher order pages that have images of unidentified eggs, larvae, pupae and related images. Some of these pages may have more information to help with image identifications.
Most of these non-taxon pages are organized here by Order and Family. Some are listed below the family level and labeled as such. All of the pages above the family level are indicated as: (Family unknown)

Unidentified Eggs and Egg Cases (Order and Family unknown)
Unidentified Pupae & Cocoons (Order and Family unknown)
Unidentified Leaf Mines (Order and Family unknown)
Unidentified Leaf Shelters (Order and Family unknown)
Unidentified Galls (Order and Family unknown)
Order Raphidioptera - Snakeflies:
Larvae (Family unknown)
Order Neuroptera - Antlions, Owlflies, Lacewings, Mantidflies and Allies:
Larvae - Family Chrysopidae - Green Lacewings
Larvae - Family Hemerobiidae - Brown Lacewings
Larvae - Genus Micromus
Unidentified Eggs, Larva, Pupae & Hosts - Family Mantispidae - Mantidflies
Eggs and Larvae - Family Ascalaphidae - Owlflies
Eggs and Larvae - Genus Ululodes
Larvae - Family Myrmeleontidae - Antlions
Order Coleoptera - Beetles:
Unidentified Larvae - Family Carabidae - Ground Beetles
Unidentified Larvae & Pupae - Subfamily Cicindelinae - Tiger Beetles
Larvae - Genus Galerita - False Bombardier Beetles
Unidentified Larvae - Genus Chlaenius - Vivid Metallic Ground Beetles
Unidentified Immature Stages - Family Dytiscidae - Predaceous Diving Beetles
Larvae - Genus Agabus
Larvae - Genus Ilybius
Larvae - Genus Dytiscus
Larvae - Genus Acilius
Larvae - Genus Cybister
Larvae - Genus Laccophilus
Dermestidae Larvae - Family Dermestidae - Carpet Beetles
Unidentified Larvae - Genus Anthrenus - Carpet Beetles
Unidentified Larvae - Family Tenebrionidae - Darkling Beetles
Immatures - Genus Platydema
Unidentified Larvae - Family Meloidae - Blister Beetles
Unidentified Clerid Eggs, Larvae, Pupae - Family Cleridae - Checkered Beetles
Larvae - Family Melyridae - Soft-winged Flower Beetles
Unidentified Eggs, Larvae, and Pupae - Family Coccinellidae - Lady Beetles
Unidentified Larvae - Subfamily Scymninae
Unidentified Larvae - Genus Scymnus
Unidentified Larvae and Pupae - Subfamily Chilocorinae
Unidentified Larvae - Subfamily Coccinellinae
Unidentified Larvae and Pupae - Genus Anatis - Giant Lady Beetles
Unidentified Larvae and Pupae - Genus Coccinella
Unidentified Larvae - Genus Hippodamia
Larvae & Pupae - Family Cerambycidae - Long-horned Beetles
Unidentified Eggs, Larvae and Pupae - Family Chrysomelidae - Leaf Beetles
Unidentified Cassidine Eggs, Larvae & Pupae - Subfamily Cassidinae - Tortoise Beetles and the Hispines
Larvae - Species Charidotella sexpunctata - Golden Tortoise Beetle
Larvae - Genus Trirhabda
Unidentifed Larvae/Pupae/Eggs - Subfamily Cryptocephalinae - Case-bearing Leaf Beetles
Unidentified Scolytine Galleries - Subfamily Scolytinae - Bark and Ambrosia Beetles
Unidentified Larvae & Larval Galleries - Family Buprestidae - Metallic Wood-boring Beetles
Unidentified Larvae - Family Cantharidae - Soldier Beetles
Larvae - Genus Chauliognathus
Unidentified Larvae & Pupae - Family Elateridae - Click Beetles
Larvae - Genus Ampedus
Melanotus spp. Larvae - Genus Melanotus
Unidentified Larvae & Pupae - Family Lampyridae - Fireflies
Larvae - Genus Pyractomena
Larvae - Genus Photuris
Larvae - Genus Calopteron - Family Lycidae - Net-winged Beetles
Unidentified Eggs, Larvae, Pupae - Family Scirtidae - Marsh Beetles
Unidentified Immature Stages - Family Hydrophilidae - Water Scavenger Beetles
Unidentified Larvae - Family Silphidae - Carrion Beetles
Larvae - Family Staphylinidae - Rove Beetles
Immature Stages - Superfamily Scarabaeoidea - Scarab, Stag and Bess Beetles (Family unknown)
Unidentified Larvae - Family Scarabaeidae - Scarab Beetles
Order Hymenoptera - Ants, Bees, Wasps and Sawflies:
Unidentified Immatures - (Family unknown)
Unidentified Sawfly Larvae "Symphyta" - Sawflies, Horntails, and Wood Wasps (Family unknown)
Larvae - Species Cimbex americana - Elm Sawfly
Unidentified Diprionidae Larvae & Cocoons - Family Diprionidae - Conifer Sawflies
Unidentified Pamphiliid Eggs, Larvae & Pupae - Family Pamphiliidae - Webspinning and Leafrolling Sawflies
Unidentified Parasitic Immatures "Parasitica" (parasitic Apocrita) (Family unknown)
Unidentified Gall on Water Oak - Family Cynipidae - Gall Wasps
Cocoons and Larvae - Family Braconidae - Braconid Wasps
Unidentified Nests, Burrows, Immatures, and Associates - Aculeata - Ants, Bees and Stinging Wasps (Family unknown)
Unidentified Nests, Nest Sites, and Immatures - Anthophila (Apoidea) - Bees (Family unknown)
Unidentified Pebble Bee Nests - Genus Dianthidium - Pebble Bees
Larvae of Dryinidae - Family Dryinidae - Dryinids
Pseudomasaris Nests - Family Vespidae - Subfamily Masarinae - Pollen Wasps
Unidentified Nests - Family Vespidae, Subfamily Eumeninae - Potter and Mason Wasps
Nests - Genus Eumenes
Unidentified Paper Wasp Nests & Immatures - Subfamily Polistinae - Paper Wasps
Unidentified Nests and Larvae - Subfamily Polistinae - Genus Polistes - Umbrella Paper Wasps
Vespinae Nests - Family Vespidae, Subfamily Vespinae - Hornets and Yellowjackets
Unidentified Nests - Genus Dolichovespula
Unidentified Nests - Genus Vespula
Order Trichoptera - Caddisflies:
Order Lepidoptera - Butterflies and Moths:
Unidentifiable Early Instar Sphingidae Larvae - Family Sphingidae - Sphinx Moths
Pupae - Subfamily Ceratocampinae - Royal Moths
Wingless Female Geometrids - Family Geometridae - Geometrid Moths
Underside Tentiform Mines on Prunus - Family Gracillariidae - Leaf Blotch Miner Moths
Egg Clusters and Cocoons - Genus Malacosoma
Unidentified Noctuoid Eggs, Hatchlings, and Pupae - Superfamily Noctuoidea - Owlet Moths and kin (Family unknown)
Tiger or Tussock Cocoons - Family Erebidae
Cocoons - Genus Orgyia
Egg Cluster - Tribe Arctiini - Tiger Moths
Unknown Noctuid Eggs, Hatchlings, or Pupae - Family Noctuidae - Owlet Moths
Unidentified Bagworm Eggs, Larvae, Cases & Pupae - Family Psychidae - Bagworm Moths
Unidentified Tortricid Eggs - Family Tortricidae - Tortricid Moths
Order Diptera - Flies:
Unidentified Immature Stages - (Family unknown)
Larvae - Family Bibionidae - March Flies
Larvae - Genus Bibio
Immature Stages and Wingless Adults - Superfamily Sciaroidea - Fungus Gnats and Gall Midges (Family unknown)
Larvae - Family Cecidomyiidae - Gall Midges and Wood Midges
Unidentified Midge Galls and Immature Stages - Subfamily Cecidomyiinae - Gall Midges
Unidentified Eggs, Larvae, Pupae - Family Keroplatidae - Predatory Fungus Gnats
Larvae - Family Mycetophilidae - Fungus Gnats
Larvae - Subfamily Mycetophilinae
Unidentified Sciarid Larvae and Pupae - Family Sciaridae - Dark-winged Fungus Gnats
Unidentified Eggs, Larvae and Pupae - Family Ceratopogonidae - Biting Midges
Eggs, Larvae & Pupae - Genus Forcipomyia
Larvae and Pupae Subgenus Forcipomyia
Eggs, Larvae, and Exuviae - Family Chironomidae - Midges
Larvae - Subfamily Chironominae
Eggs and Larvae - Tribe Chironomini
Larvae - Genus Chironomus
Unidentified Leaf-mining Orthocladiines - Subfamily Orthocladiinae
Larvae and Pupae - Genus Chaoborus - Family Chaoboridae - Phantom Midges
Unidentified Mosquito Larvae and Pupae - Family Culicidae - Mosquitoes
Larvae - Subfamily Psychodinae - Moth Flies
Unidentified Crane Fly Larvae and Pupae - Infraorder Tipulomorpha - Crane Flies (Family unknown)
Unidentified Larvae - Family Tipulidae - Large Crane Flies
Lunatipula Larvae - Subgenus Lunatipula
Yamatotipula Larvae - Subgenus Yamatotipula
Larvae - Family Stratiomyidae - Soldier flies
Unidentified Deer and Horse Fly Eggs - Family Tabanidae - Horse and Deer Flies
Unidentified Deer and Horse Fly Larvae and Pupae - Family Tabanidae - Horse and Deer Flies
Larval Images - Genus Tabanus - Horse Flies
Larvae - Genus Rhagio
Asilid Pupal Cases/Larvae - Family Asilidae - Robber Flies
Larvae and Pupae - Genus Laphria (Bee-like Robber Flies)
Unidentified Larvae and Pupae - Family Bombyliidae - Bee Flies
Unidentified Immatures - Family Therevidae - Stiletto Flies
Unidentified Larvae - Family Dolichopodidae - Longlegged Flies
Larvae and Pupae - Genus Xylophagus
Unidentified Bruchomorpha Parasitoid - Family Pipunculidae - Big-headed flies, Subfamily Pipunculinae
Unidentified Immature Stages - Family Syrphidae - Syrphid Flies
Rat-tailed Maggots - Subfamily Eristalinae
Unidentified Immature Stages - Subfamily Syrphinae
Unidentified Eggs, Larvae, Pupae - Family Platypezidae - Flat-footed Flies
Unidentified Immature Parasitoids - Superfamily Oestroidea (Family unknown)
Larvae & Pupae - Genus Cuterebra - Rodent and Lagomorph Bot Flies
Immature Stages · Parasitized Hosts · Metamorphosis - Family Tachinidae - Parasitic Flies
Eggs and Larvae - Family Drosophilidae - Vinegar Flies
Unidentified Shore Fly Larvae and Pupae - Family Ephydridae - Shore Flies
Unidentified Sciomyzid Eggs and Larvae - Family Sciomyzidae - Marsh Flies
Unidentified Gall on Polymnia - Family Tephritidae - Fruit Flies
Stem Borer on Parthenocissus - Family Agromyzidae - Leaf Miner Flies
- End of list -