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Family Sciomyzidae - Marsh Flies, Snail-killing Flies

Orange eyes - Euthycera arcuata Limnia Sepedon ??? - Sepedon fuscipennis Marsh fly - Sepedon?   - Sepedon Fly - Limnia Euthycera arcuata Fly resting on leaf of paw paw tree - Euthycera arcuata Marsh fly - Trypetoptera canadensis Marsh Fly - Sepedon

Fly - Pherbellia nana Pherbellia seticoxa - male fly fly Fly - Pherbellia nana - male Atrichomelina pubera? - Atrichomelina pubera - female Atrichomelina? - Atrichomelina pubera Sciomyzidae - Pherbellia schoenherri

Marsh Fly larva Eggs Eggs unknown eggs unknown eggs eggs marsh fly eggs