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Tick (nymph?) ID - Amblyomma americanum

Tick (nymph?) ID - Amblyomma americanum
Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, USA
May 23, 2013
Size: 3.5 mm as is (ie engorged
Found this one on the side of my upper leg this morning. I believe it may be a nymph stage. It is 3.5 mm long as is with the blood in it. It does appear that part of the mouth part may have broken off during removal. My physician spouse would prefer that I ID it. :)

I have put Hamilton County, Ohio, as the location but it is possible that it originated from Brown County, Indiana. I have not been in known tick habitat in Cincinnati over the past few days but the urban deer population has exploded and I was in longer grass sections of my yard and an urban park yesterday. It is possible that it came back from Indiana (I was there 5/18 and 5/19) and was in my car and it found me yesterday. While in Indiana and for one day after returning I did numerous tick checks as the adult American Dog Ticks were quite active.

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Tick (nymph?) ID - Amblyomma americanum - female Tick (nymph?) ID - Amblyomma americanum Tick (nymph?) ID - Amblyomma americanum Tick (nymph?) ID - Amblyomma americanum

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