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Large orbweaver - Argiope florida - female

Large orbweaver - Argiope florida - Female
Scotland County, North Carolina, USA
September 16, 2006
Size: 3/4 inch
This is not the normal yellow and black garden orbweaver. Nor is it the Banded Orbweaver. I'm thinking Silver Orbweaver but the mind is slipping, any ideals its got to be an easy one. The underside had yellow marking shaped like Darth Vader's face.

John, Jane and Jeff,
I found this spider about 7 years ago in the NC sandhills in good native habitat, then I didn't know what it was. I've a freind that gets out a lot in SC and she says she's only found this species once and it was many years ago. I found about a dozen of them while looking for Dotted and Meske's Skippers, I did find 3 dotted, no meske's. Thanks for your input and help!


only other option besides silver
would be Argiope florida, which looks very good. Images in the guide here, but Jeff will know for certain.

nice image.