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Fly to ID please - Camponotus

Fly to ID please - Camponotus
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
August 27, 2004
This small fly was a little hard to photograph because of the bright white background but it was more or less all black. ID would be appreciated.

Camponotus sp. male.

Moved from Ants.

Male ant
Have to disagree with both of you:-) This is a male ant, as evidenced by the wings and the ELBOWED antennae. Could be a carpenter ant, Camponotus sp., in which case we could use this image for the field guide.

Just wondering...
... since when ants are not wasps anymore? ;-) No use getting into semantics late at night (at least for me it is). Good night!


Eric, I don't know much about the insects at all, there is no way I will be saying what they are. I've only been taking photos.They are all in here
If this works. Perhaps you can give it the once over as most of them you have ID'd.

Your photos needed for field guide
Kildare, Please email me your email address, if you are interested in letting us publish a couple of your photos in our guide (Eric is coauthor). Thanks, Nora email:

Well, your little fly happens to be a wasp...