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Order Ephemeroptera - Mayflies

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Ephemeroptera - Mayflies

Suborder Carapacea
Family Baetiscidae - Armored Mayflies
Genus Baetisca
Species berneri - Baetisca berneri
Species lacustris - Baetisca lacustris
Species laurentina - Baetisca laurentina
Species rogersi - Baetisca rogersi
Suborder Furcatergalia
Family Leptophlebiidae - Pronggilled Mayflies
Genus Choroterpes
Genus Habrophlebia
Species vibrans - Habrophlebia vibrans
Genus Habrophlebiodes
Species americana - Habrophleboides americana
Genus Leptophlebia
Species cupida - Early Brown Spinner
Species intermedia - Leptophlebia intermedia
Species nebulosa - Leptophlebia nebulosa
Species pacifica - Leptophlebia pacifica
Genus Neoleptophlebia
Species assimilis - Neoleptophlebia assimilis
Species heteronea - Neoleptophlebia heteronea
Species memorialis - Neoleptophlebia memorialis
Species mollis - Neoleptophlebia mollis
Genus Paraleptophlebia
Species aquilina - Paraleptophlebia aquilina
Species bicornuta - Paraleptophlebia bicornuta
Species debilis - Paraleptophlebia debilis
Species gregalis - Paraleptophlebia gregalis
Species guttata - Paraleptophlebia guttata
Species helena - Paraleptophlebia helena
Species praepedita - Paraleptophlebia praepedita
Species strigula - Paraleptophlebia strigula
Species vaciva - Paraleptophlebia vaciva
Genus Thraulodes
Species speciosus - Thraulodes speciosus
Genus Traverella
Species albertana - Traverella albertana
Infraorder Scapphodonta
Family Potamanthidae - Hacklegilled Burrower Mayflies
Genus Anthopotamus
Species distinctus - Anthopotamus distinctus
Species myops - Anthopotamus myops
Species neglectus - Anthopotamus neglectus
Species verticis - Anthopotamus verticis
Superfamily Ephemeroidea
Family Ephemeridae - Common Burrower Mayflies
Genus Ephemera
Species blanda - Ephemera blanda
Species guttulata - Green Drake
Species simulans - Ephemera simulans
Species varia - Yellow Drake
Genus Hexagenia
Species atrocaudata - Hexagenia atrocaudata
Species bilineata - Hexagenia bilineata
Species limbata - Hexagenia limbata
Species orlando - Hexagenia orlando
Species rigida - Hexagenia rigida
Genus Litobrancha
Species recurvata - Litobrancha recurvata
Family Palingeniidae - Riverbed Burrower Mayflies
Genus Pentagenia
Species vittigera - Pentagenia vittigera
Family Polymitarcyidae - Pale Burrower Mayflies
Genus Ephoron - White Flies
Species leukon - White Fly
Species album - White Fly
Genus Tortopsis
Species puella - Tortopsis puella
Species primus - Tortopsis primus
Genus Tortopus
Family Behningiidae - Sand-burrowing Mayfly
Genus Dolania - American Sand-burrowing Mayfly
Species americana - Dolania americana
Infraorder Pannota
Superfamily Caenoidea
Family Caenidae - Small Squaregilled Mayflies
Genus Brachycercus
Species harrisellus - Brachycercus harrisellus
Species nitidus - Brachycercus nitidus
Genus Caenis
Species hilaris - Caenis hilaris
Species latipennis - Caenis latipennis
Species tardata - Caenis tardata
Superfamily Ephemerelloidea
Family Ephemerellidae - Spiny Crawler Mayflies
Genus Attenella
Species attenuata - Attenella attenuata
Species delantala - Attenella delantala
Species margarita - Attenella margarita
Species soquele - Attenella soquele
Genus Caudatella
Species heterocaudata - Caudatella heterocaudata
Genus Drunella
Species coloradensis - Drunella coloradensis
Species cornuta - Drunella cornuta
Species cornutella - Drunella cornutella
Species doddsii - Drunella doddsii
Species flavilinea - Drunella flavilinea
Species grandis - Drunella grandis
Species lata - Drunella lata
Species pelosa - Drunella pelosa
Species spinifera - Drunella spinifera
Species tuberculata - Drunella tuberculata
Species walkeri - Drunella walkeri
Genus Ephemerella
Species aurivillii - Ephemerella aurivillii
Species dorothea - Ephemerella dorothea
Subspecies dorothea - Ephemerella dorothea dorothea
Subspecies infrequens - Ephemerella dorothea infrequens
Species excrucians - Ephemerella excrucians
Species invaria - Ephemerella invaria
Species maculata - Ephemerella maculata
Species subvaria - Ephemerella subvaria
Species tibialis - Ephemerella tibialis
Species verruca - Ephemerella verruca
Genus Eurylophella
Species aestiva - Eurylophella aestiva
Species bicolor - Eurylophella bicolor
Species funeralis - Eurylophella funeralis
Species lodi - Eurylophella lodi
Species prudentalis - Eurylophella prudentalis
Species temporalis - Eurylophella temporalis
Species verisimilis - Eurylophella verisimilis
Genus Matriella
Species teresa - Matriella teresa
Genus Penelomax
Species septentrionalis - Penelomax septentrionalis
Genus Serratella
Species levis - Serratella levis
Species micheneri - Serratella micheneri
Species serrata - Serratella serrata
Species serratoides - Serratella serratoides
Genus Teloganopsis
Species deficiens - Teloganopsis deficiens
Genus Timpanoga
Species hecuba - Timpanoga hecuba
Genus Tsalia
Species berneri - Tsalia berneri
Family Leptohyphidae - Little Stout Crawler Mayflies
Genus Leptohyphes
Genus Tricorythodes
Species explicatus - Tricorythodes explicatus
Family Neoephemeridae - Large Squaregill Mayfly
Genus Neoephemera - Large Squaregill Mayfly
Species purpurea - Neoephemera purpurea
Species youngi - Neoephemera youngi
Suborder Pisciforma
Family Ameletidae - Combmouthed Minnow Mayflies
Genus Ameletus
Species browni - Ameletus browni
Species celer - Ameletus celer
Species cryptostimulus - Ameletus cryptostimulus
Species lineatus - Ameletus lineatus
Species ludens - Ameletus ludens
Species similior - Ameletus similior
Species subnotatus - Ameletus subnotatus
Species tertius - Ameletus tertius
Species validus - Ameletus validus
Species velox - Ameletus velox
Species vernalis - Ameletus vernalis
Family Ametropodidae - Sand Minnows
Genus Ametropus
Species ammophilus - Ametropus ammophilus
Family Baetidae - Small Minnow Mayflies
Genus Acentrella
Species feropagus - Acentrella feropagus
Species insignificans - Acentrella insignificans
Species nadineae - Acentrella nadineae
Species turbida - Acentrella turbida
Genus Acerpenna
Species pygmaea - Acerpenna pygmaea
Species macdunnoughi - Acerpenna macdunnoughi
Genus Anafroptilum
Species album - Anafroptilum album
Species asperatum - Anafroptilum asperatum
Species bifurcatum - Anafroptilum bifurcatum
Species conturbatum - Anafroptilum conturbatum
Species minor - Anafroptilum minor
Genus Baetis
Species alius - Baetis alius
Species bicaudatus - Baetis bicaudatus
Species brunneicolor - Baetis brunneicolor
Species flavistriga - Baetis flavistriga
Species intercalaris - Baetis intercalaris
Species notos - Baetis notos
Species piscatoris - Baetis piscatoris
Species pluto - Baetis pluto
Species tricaudatus - Baetis tricaudatus
Genus Callibaetis
Species californicus - Callibaetis californicus
Species ferrugineus - Callibaetis ferrugineus
Subspecies hageni - Callibaetis ferrugineus hageni
Subspecies ferrugineus - Callibaetis ferrugineus ferrugineus
Species floridanus - Callibaetis floridanus
Species fluctuans - Callibaetis fluctuans
Species montanus - Callibaetis montanus
Species pallidus - Callibaetis pallidus
Species pictus - Callibaetis pictus
Species pretiosus - Callibaetis pretiosus
Species skokianus - Callibaetis skokianus
Genus Camelobaetidius
Species warreni - Camelobaetidius warreni
Genus Centroptilum
Genus Cloeon
Species dipterum - Cloeon dipterum
Genus Diphetor
Species hageni - Diphetor hageni
Genus Fallceon - Blue-winged Olives
Species quilleri - Fallceon quilleri
Genus Heterocloeon
Species amplum - Heterocloeon amplum
Species curiosum - Heterocloeon curiosum
Species petersi - Heterocloeon petersi
Genus Iswaeon
Species anoka - Iswaeon anoka
Genus Labiobaetis
Species propinquus - Labiobaetis propinquus
Genus Neocloeon
Genus Paracloeodes
Species minutus - Paracloeodes minutus
Genus Plauditus
Species cestus - Plauditus cestus
Species dubius - Plauditus dubius
Species gloveri - Plauditus gloveri
Species punctiventris - Plauditus punctiventris
Genus Procloeon
Species nelsoni - Procloeon nelsoni
Species rubropictum - Procloeon rubropictum
Species rufostrigatum - Procloeon rufostrigatum
Species vicinum - Procloeon vicinum
Species viridoculare - Procloeon viridoculare
Family Metretopodidae - Cleftfooted Minnow Mayflies
Genus Siphloplecton
Species basale - Siphloplecton basale
Species speciosum - Siphloplecton speciosum
Genus Metretopus
Species borealis - Metretopus borealis
Family Siphlonuridae - Primitive Minnow Mayflies
Genus Siphlonurus
Species alternatus - Siphlonurus alternatus
Species columbianus - Siphlonurus columbianus
Species marshalli - Siphlonurus marshalli
Species mirus - Siphlonurus mirus
Species occidentalis - Siphlonurus occidentalis
Species phyllis - Siphlonurus phyllis
Species quebecensis - Siphlonurus quebecensis
Species rapidus - Siphlonurus rapidus
Species securifer - Siphlonurus securifer
Species spectabilis - Siphlonurus spectabilis
Species typicus - Siphlonurus typicus
Superfamily Heptagenioidea
Family Arthropleidae - Flatheaded Mayflies
Genus Arthroplea
Species bipunctata - Arthroplea bipunctata
Family Heptageniidae - Flatheaded Mayflies
Genus Cinygma
Species dimicki - Cinygma dimicki
Species integrum - Cinygma integrum
Species lyriforme - Cinygma lyriforme
Genus Cinygmula
Species reticulata - Cinygmula reticulata
Species subaequalis - Cinygmula subaequalis
Genus Ecdyonurus
Species criddlei - Little Slate-Winged Dun
Genus Epeorus
Species albertae - Epeorus albertae
Species deceptivus - Epeorus deceptivus
Species dispar - Epeorus dispar
Species dulciana - Epeorus dulciana
Species fragilis - Epeorus fragilis
Species frisoni - Epeorus frisoni
Species longimanus - Epeorus longimanus
Species namatus - Epeorus namatus
Species permagnus - Epeorus permagnus
Species pleuralis - Epeorus pleuralis
Species punctatus - Epeorus punctatus
Species vitreus - Epeorus vitreus
Genus Heptagenia
Species culacantha - Heptagenia culacantha
Species elegantula - Heptagenia elegantula
Species flavescens - Heptagenia flavescens
Species marginalis - Heptagenia marginalis
Species pulla - Heptagenia pulla
Species solitaria - Heptagenia solitaria
Genus Ironodes
Species lepidus - Ironodes lepidus
Species nitidus - Ironodes nitidus
Genus Leucrocuta
Species aphrodite - Leucrocuta aphrodite
Species hebe - Leucrocuta hebe
Species jewetti - Leucrocuta jewetti
Species juno - Leucrocuta juno
Species maculipennis - Leucrocuta maculipennis
Species minerva - Leucrocuta minerva
Species petersi - Leucrocuta petersi
Species thetis - Leucrocuta thetis
Species umbratica - Leucrocuta umbratica
Species walshi - Leucrocuta walshi
Genus Maccaffertium
Species exiguum - Maccaffertium exiguum
Species ithaca - Maccaffertium ithaca
Species luteum - Maccaffertium luteum
Species mediopunctatum - Maccaffertium mediopunctatum
Subspecies arwini - Maccaffertium mediopunctatum arwini
Subspecies mediopunctatum - Maccaffertium mediopunctatum mediopunctatum
Species meririvulanum - Maccaffertium meririvulanum
Species mexicanum - Maccaffertium mexicanum
Subspecies integrum - Maccaffertium mexicanum integrum
Species modestum - Maccaffertium modestum
Species pudicum - Maccaffertium pudicum
Species pulchellum - Maccaffertium pulchellum
Species smithae - Maccaffertium smithae
Species terminatum - Maccaffertium terminatum
Subspecies placitum - Maccaffertium terminatum placitum
Subspecies terminatum - Maccaffertium terminatum terminatum
Species vicarium - Maccaffertium vicarium
Genus Macdunnoa
Genus Nixe
Species rusticalis - Nixe rusticalis
Species lucidipennis - Nixe lucidipennis
Species inconspicua - Nixe inconspicua
Genus Raptoheptagenia
Species cruentata - Raptoheptagenia cruentata
Genus Rhithrogena
Species anomala - Rhithrogena anomala
Species brunneotincta - Rhithrogena brunneotincta
Species flavianula - Rhithrogena flavianula
Species hageni - Rhithrogena hageni
Species impersonata - Rhithrogena impersonata
Genus Spinadis
Species simplex - Spinadis simplex
Genus Stenacron
Species candidum - Stenacron candidum
Species carolina - Stenacron carolina
Species floridense - Stenacron floridense
Species gildersleevei - Stenacron gildersleevei
No Taxon interpunctatum complex
Species interpunctatum - Stenacron interpunctatum
Species minnetonka - Stenacron minnetonka
Species pallidum - Stenacron pallidum
Genus Stenonema
Species femoratum - Stenonema femoratum
Family Isonychiidae - Brushlegged Mayflies
Genus Isonychia
Species arida - Isonychia arida
Species bicolor - Isonychia bicolor
Species campestris - Isonychia campestris
Species georgiae - Isonychia georgiae
Species intermedia - Isonychia intermedia
Species obscura - Isonychia obscura
Species rufa - Isonychia rufa
Species sicca - Isonychia sicca
Species tusculanensis - Isonychia tusculanensis
Species velma - Isonychia velma
Family Oligoneuriidae - Brushleg Mayflies
Genus Homoeoneuria
Species alleni - Homoeoneuria alleni
Family Pseudironidae - Crabwalker Mayflies
Genus Pseudiron
Species centralis - Pseudiron centralis
Family Acanthametropodidae - Sand-dwelling Mayflies
Genus Analetris
Species eximia - Analetris eximia
No Taxon missing taxa