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Scolytinae - Anisandrus

Scolytinae - Anisandrus
Chibougamau, Nord-du-Qu├ębec County, Quebec, Canada
May 31, 2013
Size: 3 mm
Here's a little fella that's been challenging me for a little while. I've keyed it with Bright, 1976, best I reached was Hylocurus, but I don't think that's correct. Micracina might be correct, since I always end up in that range. I'd really appreciate a second opinion, if anyone has one. Thanks guys!

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Scolytinae - Anisandrus Scolytinae - Anisandrus Scolytinae - Anisandrus


This is a species of Anisandr
This is a species of Anisandrus. In Bright's 1976 book this would have been placed in Xyleborus. There are 3 possibilities but I can't take it past genus on the basis of the photos.

Thanks for the ID Thomas.

Comparing the ranges for the Anisandrus species in Bright 1976 and on your website with my specimen's location, it appears that mine was found a good 300 to 500 km away from the closest mentions for the genus - that's pretty interesting. I'll give my specimen a second look. Pushing it to species doesn't appear too complex from this point on.