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moth - Ectoedemia populella

moth - Ectoedemia populella
Orient, Pickaway County, Ohio, USA
June 5, 2013
Size: .25 inch

Moved from Stigmella.

I've sent this image to Dr. Erik van Nieukerken
I'll keep you updated as to what he says.

Ectoedemia populella
At first I had no idea what this is, but it also looked familar...
The wide flattened habitus is rather typical for Ectoedemia's, and only one species has these shining grey scales and hardly white fringe, with a yellow frontal tuft: Ectoedemia populella.
What appears as a fascia is probably a lightning artefact: all scales can reflect when properly lighted, and in this way the light source created a fake fascia...
I have seen many moths of this species and they always have this particular shine, but I didn't see a fascia like this before.
Thanks Kyhl for pointing me to this specimen.

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What a beauty!
We thought maybe Stigmella, but came up empty. We'll be watching to see what this turns out to be. Great find!

I agree, gorgous little moth. Searched high and low for
a match but couldn't find a thing. If I had to guess I'd say something in Trifurculini but no matches there either. I'll be watching this one right along with you. This is a great shot of a beautiful little moth and deserves a better place to hang out than here in Moths.