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Fly - Drosophila

Fly - Drosophila
Chattahoochee Nat'l Rec Area, Medlock Bridge, Georgia, USA
August 2, 2003


Drosophila I.D.
This doesn't look like a D. melanogaster or a member of the D. melanica species group. The abdominal pattern is inconsistent with either (the melanogaster group has dark abdominal bands broken at the midline, and the melanica group have yellow abdomens with dark abdominal bands broken down the midline. I am unfamiliar with Drosophila in this region so I cannot I.D. this, but I doubt it is part of either of those groups.

Moved from Drosophila.

Melanica species group
Looks like D. melanica or one of the members of that species group. They have a darker abdomen then the D. melanogaster. Genitallic disections are needed to get to species ID's.

Pomace fly?
Wow! Looks to me like Drosophila melanogaster, the common pomace fly, vinegar fly, or "fruit fly" one sees flirting with the overripe bananas:-) Lovely shot.