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Superfamily Pompiloidea - Spider Wasps, Velvet Ants and allies

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hymenoptera - Ants, Bees, Wasps and Sawflies
No Taxon Aculeata - Ants, Bees and Stinging Wasps
Superfamily Pompiloidea - Spider Wasps, Velvet Ants and allies

Family Mutillidae - Velvet Ants
Subfamily Sphaeropthalminae
Tribe Dasymutillini
Genus Dasymutilla
Species angulata - Dasymutilla angulata
Species archboldi - Dasymutilla archboldi
Species arenivaga - Dasymutilla arenivaga
Species asopus - Dasymutilla asopus
Species asteria - Dasymutilla asteria
Species atricauda - Dasymutilla atricauda
Species aureola - Pacific Velvet Ant
Species bioculata - Dasymutilla bioculata
Species birkmani - Dasymutilla birkmani
Species campanula - Dasymutilla campanula
Species californica - Dasymutilla californica
Species calorata - Dasymutilla calorata
Species canella - Dasymutilla canella
Species chattahoochei - Dasymutilla chattahoochei
Species chisos - Dasymutilla chisos
Species clotho - Dasymutilla clotho
Species coccineohirta - Dasymutilla coccineohirta
Species creon - Dasymutilla creon
Species dilucida - Dasymutilla dilucida
Species eminentia - Dasymutilla eminentia
Species erythrina - Dasymutilla erythrina
Species fasciventris - Dasymutilla fasciventris
Species flammifera - Dasymutilla flammifera
Species foxi - Dasymutilla foxi
Species gibbosa - Dasymutilla gibbosa
Species gloriosa - Thistledown Velvet Ant
Species gorgon - Dasymutilla gorgon
Species heliophila - Dasymutilla heliophila
Species klugii - Klug's Velvet Ant
Species leda - Dasymutilla leda
Species macilenta - Dasymutilla macilenta
Species magna - Dasymutilla magna
Species magnifica - Magnificent Velvet Ant
Species meracula - Dasymutilla meracula
Species monticola - Dasymutilla monticola
Species myrice - Dasymutilla myrice
Species nigricauda - Dasymutilla nigricauda
Species nigripes - Dasymutilla nigripes
Species nocturna - Dasymutilla nocturna
Species nogalensis - Dasymutilla nogalensis
Species occidentalis - Common Eastern Velvet Ant
Species parksi - Dasymutilla parksi
Species pseudopappus - Dasymutilla pseudopappus
Species quadriguttata - Four-spotted Velvet Ant
Species sackenii - Sacken's Velvet Ant
Species saetigera - Dasymutilla saetigera
Species satanas - Dasymutilla satanas
Species scaevola - Dasymutilla scaevola
Species scitula - Dasymutilla scitula
Species sicheliana - Dasymutilla sicheliana
Species snoworum - Dasymutilla snoworum
Species stevensi - Dasymutilla stevensi
Species texanella - Dasymutilla texanella
Species thetis - Dasymutilla thetis
Species vesta - Dasymutilla vesta
Species vestita - Dasymutilla vestita
No Taxon zelaya form
Species waco - Dasymutilla waco
No Taxon homole or vestita
No Taxon gloriosa or pseudopappus
No Taxon parksi or quadriguttata
Genus Lomachaeta
Species cirrhomeris - Lomachaeta cirrhomeris
Species hicksi - Lomachaeta hicksi
Tribe Pseudomethocini
Genus Myrmilloides
Species grandiceps - Myrmilloides grandiceps
Genus Pseudomethoca
Species anthracina - Pseudomethoca anthracina
Species athamas - Pseudomethoca athamas
Species aureovestita - Pseudomethoca aureovestita
Species bequaerti - Pseudomethoca bequaerti
Species brazoria - Pseudomethoca brazoria
Species contumax - Pseudomethoca contumax
Species donaeanae - Pseudomethoca donaeanae
Species flammigera - Pseudomethoca flammigera
Species frigida - Pseudomethoca frigida
Species meritoria - Pseudomethoca meritoria
Species nephele - Pseudomethoca nephele
Species oceola - Pseudomethoca oceola
Species oculata - Pseudomethoca oculata
Species paludata - Pseudomethoca paludata
Species pigmentata - Pseudomethoca pigmentata
Species praeclara - Pseudomethoca praeclara
Species propinqua - Pseudomethoca propinqua
Species quadrinotata - Pseudomethoca quadrinotata
Species sanbornii - Pseudomethoca sanbornii
Species scaevolella - Pseudomethoca scaevolella
Species simillima - Pseudomethoca simillima
Species torrida - Pseudomethoca torrida
Species toumeyi - Pseudomethoca toumeyi
Species vanduzei - Pseudomethoca vanduzei
Tribe Sphaeropthalmini - Nocturnal Velvet Ants
Genus Acrophotopsis
Species eurygnatha - Acrophotopsis eurygnatha
Genus Dilophotopsis
Species concolor - Dilophotopsis concolor
Species stenognatha - Dilophotopsis stenognatha
Genus Odontophotopsis
Species arcuata - Odontophotopsis arcuata
Species aufidia - Odontophotopsis aufidia
Species brunnea - Odontophotopsis brunnea
Species inconspicua - Odontophotopsis inconspicua
Species melicausa - Odontophotopsis melicausa
Species microdonta - Odontophotopsis microdonta
Species setifera - Odontophotopsis setifera
Species unicornis - Odontophotopsis unicornis
Species venusta - Odontophotopsis venusta
Genus Photomorphus
Species archboldi - Photomorphus archboldi
Species banksi - Photomorphus banksi
Species obscurus - Photomorphus obscurus
Species paulus - Photomorphus paulus
Species spinci - Photomorphus spinci
Genus Protophotopsis
Species venenaria - Protophotopsis venenaria
Genus Sphaeropthalma
Species amphion - Sphaeropthalma amphion
Species arota - Sphaeropthalma arota
Species auripilis - Sphaeropthalma auripilis
Species blakeii - Sphaeropthalma blakeii
Species boweri - Sphaeropthalma boweri
Species coaequalis - Sphaeropthalma coaequalis
Species difficilis - Sphaeropthalma difficilis
Species edwardsii - Sphaeropthalma edwardsii
Species facilis - Sphaeropthalma facilis
Species helicaon - Sphaeropthalma helicaon
Species imperialis - Sphaeropthalma imperialis
Species luiseno - Sphaeropthalma luiseno
Species macswaini - Sphaeropthalma macswaini
Species marpesia - Sphaeropthalma marpesia
Species megagnathos - Sphaeropthalma megagnathos
Species noctivaga - Sphaeropthalma noctivaga
Species orestes - Sphaeropthalma orestes
Species parapenalis - Sphaeropthalma parapenalis
Species pensylvanica - Sphaeropthalma pensylvanica
Subspecies pensylvanica - Sphaeropthalma pensylvanica pensylvanica
Subspecies scaeva - Sphaeropthalma pensylvanica scaeva
Species triangularis - Sphaeropthalma triangularis
Species unicolor - Sphaeropthalma unicolor
Subfamily Mutillinae
Genus Ephuta
Species argenticeps - Ephuta argenticeps
Species conchate - Ephuta conchate
Species floridiana - Ephuta floridiana
Species pauxilla - Ephuta pauxilla
Species spinifera - Ephuta spinifera
Species stenognatha - Ephuta stenognatha
Genus Timulla
Species barbata - Timulla barbata
Species barbigera - Timulla barbigera
Species compressicornis - Timulla compressicornis
Species contigua - Timulla contigua
Species dubitata - Timulla dubitata
Species dubitatiformis - Timulla dubitatiformis
Species euterpe - Timulla euterpe
Species ferrugata - Timulla ferrugata
Species floridensis - Timulla floridensis
Species grotei - Timulla grotei
Species leona - Timulla leona
Species navasota - Timulla navasota
Species oajaca - Timulla oajaca
Species ocellaria - Timulla ocellaria
Species ornatipennis - Timulla ornatipennis
Species subhyalina - Timulla subhyalina
Species suspensa - Timulla suspensa
Species vagans - Timulla vagans
Family Myrmosidae - Myrmosid Wasps
Genus Myrmosa
Species unicolor - Myrmosa unicolor
Genus Myrmosula
Species rutilans - Myrmosula rutilans
Family Pompilidae - Spider Wasps
Subfamily Notocyphinae
Genus Notocyphus
Species dorsalis - Notocyphus dorsalis
Subspecies arizonicus - Notocyphus dorsalis arizonicus
Subfamily Ceropalinae
Genus Ceropales
Species bipunctata - Ceropales bipunctata
Species elegans - Ceropales elegans
Subspecies elegans - Ceropales elegans elegans
Subspecies quaintancei - Ceropales elegans quaintancei
Species hatoda - Ceropales hatoda
Species longipes - Ceropales longipes
Species maculata - Ceropales maculata
Subspecies fraterna - Ceropales maculata fraterna
Subspecies rhodomerus - Ceropales maculata rhodomerus
Subspecies stretchii - Ceropales maculata stretchii
Species nigripes - Ceropales nigripes
Species pacifica - Ceropales pacifica
Species robinsonii - Ceropales robinsonii
Species rugata - Ceropales rugata
Subfamily Pepsinae
Tribe Ageniellini - Mud-nesting Spider Wasps
Genus Ageniella
Species accepta - Ageniella accepta
Species agenioides - Ageniella agenioides
Species arcuata - Ageniella arcuata
Species conflicta - Ageniella conflicta
Species coronata - Ageniella coronata
Species cupida - Ageniella cupida
Species euphorbiae - Ageniella euphorbiae
Species faceta - Ageniella faceta
Species fulgifrons - Ageniella fulgifrons
Species longula - Ageniella longula
Species mintaka - Ageniella mintaka
Species placita - Ageniella placita
Species reynoldsi - Ageniella reynoldsi
Species salti - Ageniella salti
Species semitincta - Ageniella semitincta
Genus Auplopus
Species architectus - Auplopus architectus
Subspecies metallicus - Auplopus architectus metallicus
Subspecies architectus - Auplopus architectus architectus
Species caerulescens - Auplopus caerulescens
Species carbonarius - Auplopus carbonarius
Species mellipes - Auplopus mellipes
Subspecies variitarsus - Auplopus mellipes variitarsus
Subspecies mellipes - Auplopus mellipes mellipes
Species mollis - Auplopus mollis
Species adjunctus - Auplopus adjunctus
Species nigrellus - Auplopus nigrellus
Genus Eragenia
Genus Phanagenia
Species bombycina - Phanagenia bombycina
Tribe Pepsini - Tarantula-hawk Wasps and Allies
Genus Caliadurgus
Species fasciatellus - Caliadurgus fasciatellus
Genus Calopompilus
Species albopilosus - Calopompilus albopilosus
Species feroculis - Calopompilus feroculis
Species fortis - Calopompilus fortis
Species maculipennis - Calopompilus maculipennis
Species pyrrhomelas - Calopompilus pyrrhomelas
Species validus - Calopompilus validus
Genus Cryptocheilus
Species attenuatum - Cryptocheilus attenuatum
Species hesperus - Cryptocheilus hesperus
Species idoneum - Cryptocheilus idoneum
Species pallidipenne - Cryptocheilus pallidipenne
Species severini - Cryptocheilus severini
Species terminatus - Cryptocheilus terminatus
Subspecies subopacus - Cryptocheilus terminatus subopacus
Subspecies terminatus - Cryptocheilus terminatus terminatus
Genus Dipogon
No Taxon Winnemanella
No Taxon undescribed species
Species fulleri
No Taxon Deuteragenia
Species calipterus - Dipogon calipterus
Subspecies nubifer - Dipogon calipterus nubifer
Species geronimo - Dipogon geronimo
Species papago - Dipogon papago
Species pulchripennis - Dipogon pulchripennis
Species sayi - Dipogon sayi
No Taxon Dipogon
Species brevis - Dipogon brevis
Species graenicheri - Dipogon graenicheri
Subspecies atratus - Dipogon graenicheri atratus
Subspecies graenicheri - Dipogon graenicheri graenicheri
Genus Entypus
Species aratus - Entypus aratus
Species fulvicornis - Entypus fulvicornis
Species unifasciatus - Entypus unifasciatus
Subspecies unifasciatus - Entypus unifasciatus unifasciatus
Subspecies cressoni - Cresson's Spider Wasp
Subspecies californicus - Entypus unifasciatus californicus
No Taxon austrinus or texanus
No Taxon fulvicornis or magnus
Genus Epipompilus
Species aztecus - Epipompilus aztecus
Genus Hemipepsis - Tarantula-hawk Wasps
Species ustulata - Flamed Tarantula-hawk Wasp
Species toussainti - Toussaint's Tarantula-hawk Wasp
Genus Minagenia
Genus Pepsis - Tarantula-hawk Wasps
Species basifusca - Pepsis basifusca
Species chrysothemis - Pepsis chrysothemis
Species grossa - Pepsis grossa
Species menechma - Elegant Tarantula-hawk Wasp
No Taxon "cerberus"
Species mexicana - Mexican Tarantula-hawk Wasp
Species mildei - Milde's Tarantula-hawk Wasp
Species pallidolimbata - Pepsis pallidolimbata
Species thisbe - Thisbe's Tarantula-hawk Wasp
Genus Priocnemis
Species cornica - Priocnemis cornica
Species hestia - Priocnemis hestia
Species germana - Priocnemis germana
Species minorata - Priocnemis minorata
Species minuscula - Priocnemis minuscula
Species nigripes - Priocnemis nigripes
Species notha - Priocnemis notha
Subspecies notha - Priocnemis notha notha
Subspecies occidentis - Priocnemis notha occidentis
Species oregona - Priocnemis oregona
Species scitula - Priocnemis scitula
Genus Priocnessus
Species coloradensis - Priocnessus coloradensis
Species nebulosus - Priocnessus nebulosus
Species nuperus - Priocnessus nuperus
Subfamily Pompilinae
Tribe Aporini
Genus Allaporus
Species smithianus - Allaporus smithianus
Species pulchellus - Allaporus pulchellus
Genus Aporus
Species concolor - Aporus concolor
Species luxus - Aporus luxus
Subspecies assimilis - Aporus luxus assimilis
Species hirsutus - Aporus hirsutus
Species niger - Aporus niger
Genus Chelaporus
Genus Psorthaspis
Species brimleyi - Psorthaspis brimleyi
Species formosa - Psorthaspis formosa
Species legata - Psorthaspis legata
Species luctuosa - Psorthaspis luctuosa
Species mariae - Psorthaspis mariae
Species planata - Psorthaspis planata
Species portiae - Psorthaspis portiae
Species sanguinea - Psorthaspis sanguinea
Tribe Pompilini
Genus Agenioideus
Species birkmanni - Agenioideus birkmanni
Species humilis - Agenioideus humilis
Genus Allochares
Species azureus - Allochares azureus
Genus Ammosphex
Species angularis - Ammosphex angularis
Species anomalus - Ammosphex anomalus
Species michiganensis - Ammosphex michiganensis
Species solonus - Ammosphex solonus
Species wasbaueri - Ammosphex wasbaueri
Genus Anoplius - Blue-black Spider Wasps
No Taxon Subgenus Anoplius
Species depressipes - Anoplius depressipes
Species fulgidus - Anoplius fulgidus
Species illinoensis - Anoplius illinoensis
Species ithaca - Anoplius ithaca
Species virginiensis - Anoplius virginiensis
Species toluca - Anoplius toluca
No Taxon Subgenus Arachnophroctonus
Species americanus - Anoplius americanus
Subspecies ambiguus - Anoplius americanus ambiguus
Subspecies americanus - Anoplius americanus americanus
Subspecies trifasciatus - Anoplius americanus trifasciatus
Species apiculatus - Anoplius apiculatus
Species nigritus - Anoplius nigritus
Species semicinctus - Anoplius semicinctus
Species semirufus - Anoplius semirufus
No Taxon Subgenus Lophopompilus
Species aethiops - Anoplius aethiops
Species atrox - Anoplius atrox
Species carolinus - Anoplius carolinus
Species cleora - Anoplius cleora
No Taxon Subgenus Notiochares
Species lepidus - Anoplius lepidus
Subspecies atramentarius - Anoplius lepidus atramentarius
No Taxon Subgenus Pompilinus
Species brevihirta - Anoplius brevihirta
Species insolens - Anoplius insolens
Species splendens - Anoplius splendens
Species subcylindricus - Anoplius subcylindricus
Genus Anoplochares
Species apicata - Anoplochares apicata
Species similaris - Anoplochares similaris
Genus Aporinellus
Species basalis - Aporinellus basalis
Species completus - Aporinellus completus
Species fasciatus - Aporinellus fasciatus
Species medianus - Aporinellus medianus
Species taeniatus - Aporinellus taeniatus
Species wheeleri - Aporinellus wheeleri
Species yucatanensis - Aporinellus yucatanensis
Genus Arachnospila
Species arcta - Arachnospila arcta
Species scelestus - Arachnospila scelestus
Species fumipennis - Arachnospila fumipennis
Genus Chalcochares
Species hirsutifemur - Chalcochares hirsutifemur
Genus Episyron
Species biguttatus - Episyron biguttatus
Subspecies californicum - Episyron biguttatus californicum
Subspecies biguttatus - Episyron biguttatus biguttatus
Species conterminus - Episyron conterminus
Subspecies cressoni - Episyron conterminus cressoni
Species quinquenotatus - Episyron quinquenotatus
Species snowi - Episyron snowi
Genus Evagetes
Species hyacinthus - Evagetes hyacinthus
Species ingenuus - Evagetes ingenuus
Species mohave - Evagetes mohave
Species padrinus - Evagetes padrinus
Subspecies minusculus - Evagetes padrinus minusculus
Species parvus - Evagetes parvus
Genus Hesperopompilus
Genus Paracyphononyx
Species funereus - Paracyphononyx funereus
Genus Perissopompilus
Species phoenix - Perissopompilus phoenix
Genus Poecilopompilus
Species algidus - Poecilopompilus algidus
Subspecies algidus - Poecilopompilus algidus algidus
Subspecies coquilletti - Poecilopompilus algidus coquilletti
Subspecies marcidus - Poecilopompilus algidus marcidus
Subspecies willistoni - Poecilopompilus algidus willistoni
Species interruptus - Poecilopompilus interruptus
Subspecies cressoni - Poecilopompilus interruptus cressoni
Subspecies interruptus - Poecilopompilus interruptus interruptus
Subspecies semiflavus - Poecilopompilus interruptus semiflavus
Species mixtus - Poecilopompilus mixtus
Genus Tachypompilus
Species ferrugineus - Rusty Spider Wasp
Subspecies annexus - Tachypompilus ferrugineus annexus
Subspecies ferrugineus - Tachypompilus ferrugineus ferrugineus
Subspecies nigrescens - Tachypompilus ferrugineus nigrescens
Species unicolor - Western Red-tailed Spider Wasp
Genus Tastiotenia
Genus Xenopompilus
Genus Xerochares
Species expulsus - Xerochares expulsus
Tribe Sericopompilini
Genus Sericopompilus
Species angustatus - Sericopompilus angustatus
Species apicalis - Sericopompilus apicalis
Species neotropicalis - Sericopompilus neotropicalis
Family Sapygidae - Club-horned Wasps
Genus Eusapyga
Species nigripes - Eusapyga nigripes
Species rubripes - Eusapyga rubripes
Species verticalis - Eusapyga verticalis
Genus Krombeinopyga
Species aculeata - Krombeinopyga aculeata
Species pumila - Krombeinopyga pumila
Genus Polochrum
Species elegans - Polochrum elegans
Genus Sapyga
Species centrata - Sapyga centrata
Species angustata - Sapyga angustata
Species louisi - Sapyga louisi
Species martinii - Sapyga martinii