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yellow and red spider - Araneus guttulatus - female

yellow and red spider - Araneus guttulatus - Female
mason, New Hampshire, USA
July 8, 2004
shot this little guy (only 1/4" overall )on a garage up near the roof ,no web

I love the design, It's beautiful

I am curious as to how this was identified.

was IDed through a written description and line drawing in a book, as were several other species recently IDed, such as Araneus gadus and Habronattus festus for example.
Books are still the best references.

Hi Jeff, I know it takes extra time to enter details, but it would be helpful to note which book. You could throw the [ cite ] syntax on the entry and we'd get a link to the book. If you don't have time to update the guide page, another editor might be able to come along and update the guide page based on that photo ID info. Thanks.

problem. I will try to add some books this weekend. Some are already listed on the Phidippus and Oxyopidae info pages under Print References, but I have yet to add them to BOOKS.


Moved from Orb Weavers.

Orb weaver?
I would think this would have to be because of the height of location. Cob web weavers are typically found low. I could be mistaken though.