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Crab Spider - Misumena vatia

Crab Spider - Misumena vatia
Amherst, Massachusetts, USA
August 13, 2004
I think this is a Goldenrod Crab spider...can anyone verify?

This was shot in a field near our house, on a head of Queen Anne's Lace. It was late in the afternoon and the body almost seemed to glow against the white of the flowers.

Cropped Tony's image to get a closeup of the face for an article

M. vatia
Tony, this looks almost exactly like the spider I imaged. It's definitely not confined to Goldenrod so I don't know why that's the common name. This an excellent natural shot.

Thanks Tom,
So it is a Goldenrod Crab...Wow, what a broad color the color dependent on the plant they are hunting on? I usually see the yellow ones on yellow flowers.