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Muscids? - Lispe - male - female

Muscids? - Lispe - Male Female
Duck Lake, Glacier County, Montana, USA
July 23, 2006
Using antennae as handlebars.

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Muscids? - Lispe - male - female Muscids? - Lispe - male - female Muscids? - Lispe - male - female

Moved from Coenosiinae. Not in the Lispe tentaculata group.

Moved from House Flies and kin. Lispe, I think.

Moved from Flies.

Possibly Tachinidae
Lynette, can you enlarge the antennae to see more detail? On most Muscids, the arista will be plumose for the entire length. I am thinking the arista here look bare, which would suggest Tachinidae.

Overall your two flies aren't as bristly as some Tachinids, but Tachinid may be what these are.

Great photos! Love the handlebars and draglines.

This is the best I could get.