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wasp - Leucospis affinis

wasp - Leucospis affinis
lake fayetteville, washington County, Arkansas, USA
September 25, 2006
Size: ~15mm
the wings folded make me think family Vespidae, but other than that i do not know.

Moved from Leucospis affinis.

Moved from Leucospis.

Leucospis affinis

L. affinis
thank you again, hopefully i will have some fine spring bee pictures for you soon...

Leucospis sp. -female
Besides Vespids, these unusual, giant Chalcid Wasps are almost the only Hymenoptera to fold their forewings at rest. Some rare Spider Wasps do that too, but ironically, those are not the ones with a wasp-like color pattern.
On the other hand, most Masarinae, now included in Vespidae, do not fold their wings. This can be seen on the several good pictures of Pseudomasaris available on BG.

thank you for the information Richard, i remember that the Masarinae generally do not have the folded wings, but i did not know anything else outside the Vespids did.