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Another shot of it. - Dasysyrphus osburni

Another shot of it. - Dasysyrphus osburni
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
October 14, 2004
Thie shot really shows the markings. Hope someone knows what it is.

Moved from Dasysyrphus.

Syrphid fly
Well, initially I thought I knew the species, but now, looking closer, I don't even know what genus this is:-) It is in the Syrphidae family, though, and I know a couple folks who could put a name to it.

Syrphid fly
Eric. You amze me, I was relying on you to name this one for me. I certainly have had a few different species around the garden.

Surely a female fly from the subfamily Syrphini.
If I think of the species I know from Europe, this would surely be a species from the genus Dasysyrphus!
In your part of the world there are 7 species of this genus, so I would look in this group if I were you!
Gerard pennards

Dasysyrphus osburni!
Would be my educated guess anyhow!