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Rotting Tree Dweller Fly - Traginops irroratus  - Traginops irroratus

Rotting Tree Dweller Fly - Traginops irroratus - Traginops irroratus
McGregor, Texas, USA
July 2, 2013
Size: ~2mm

Moved to Traginops irroratus
Moved from ID Request.

When someone ID's our image, don't add the taxon, as it will be added when moved. I normally don't move flies, but DocFrootFly seems to know what he's talking about. Hopefully it will remain here :)

Nice Shot!
Nice shot of a super cool looking fly.

Thanks, Robert!
I'm new to macro photography and I've taken a great many pictures in the last month. I had to scale down the picture I submitted and save it will less detail. It has been the best picture I've taken by far.

Even the background looks good.
None of that perforated white cloth!

Rabid Ron ...
I thought about just ignoring your comment, so subtly referring to my scrim. But that would have been rude, to allow it to fall on deaf ears. BTW the only reason you can see the holes, is because of my awesome CANON lens :)

ROFLMAO ... sometimes I just crack me up

CB, when you talk to me...
...your comments always fall on deaf ears. But don't think you're alone. It's interesting to learn that your Canon fires miniscule grape shot.

I was very surprised to find it.
It was sucking up tree sap when I focused in on the little thing. I had no idea it was so unique until I viewed it through the lens.

Traginops irroratus

Great site!
Thank you!