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Blue Corynetes - Necrobia violacea

Blue Corynetes - Necrobia violacea
Medford, (~15 miles east of Philadelphia, PA) Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
August 20, 2006
Size: ~4.5mm
came to UV light trap (attracted to the light or to what the light attracted?)

new species for BugGuide :)

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Blue Corynetes - Necrobia violacea Blue Corynetes - Necrobia violacea

Moved from Necrobia.

Very nice!
Looks like you've been giving your UV lights a workout, Tim. I've only run my lights once since returning from New Mexico. Still trying to get all those images processed before I add more local stuff.

Thanks Jim,
This night in August was probably the last UV night for the season for me. Most of the nightlight beetles seem to be gone, with the moths (and the big flies :( ruling the lights. But as this was the first year for this trap and the first time I paid much attention to anything under 7mm, I've got enough ID work to keep me busy all winter. And I was especially excited to find this Clerid. Hopefully, I can improve my photo setup over winter to better capture these wonderful little guys.