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Cave Millipede

Cave Millipede
Morgan County, Alabama, USA
July 10, 2013
Size: Approx. 1 inch in length
Picture only shows head and first couple of centimeters of body. Captured in small cave on private land. Looked at images on google and thought it might be Genus Tetracion but I know very little about millipede identification. Thank you to anyone that can help identify genus.

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It's certainly not Tetracion,
It's certainly not Tetracion, which is a millipede in the order Callipodida. This one looks to be a small millipede in the order Polydesmida, but not much can be inferred from this photo. A whole body shot might help a bit, but the male genitalia would need to be photographed for a complete identification.

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I know very little about millipede identification too, but I suspect that photos showing the whole thing would be useful.