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Lycid Mimic - Neofelderia rata

Lycid Mimic - Neofelderia rata
Montosa Canyon, Santa Rita Mountains, Santa Cruz County, Arizona, USA
July 26, 2013
Size: ~ 13 mm
I don't know moths too well, so will need help with this one. A real lycid beetle is in the background. gathering_2013

Moved from Moths.

4626.1 - Neofelderia rata
Identified by Chris Schmidt at the Canadian National Collection to whom I sent the photograph.

Many thanks.

Maybe 8082 - Propyria schausi
I'm checking with the CNC about this possibility. (no rsvp, thanks)

MX species Propyria ptychoglene ??
with the black costal edge. Propyria ptychoglene is described as having a black head (top only?), thorax and abdomen.
P. schausi has black head and abdomen with crimson thorax and no black along costa(?).