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longhorned beetle - Tragidion coquus

longhorned beetle - Tragidion coquus
fayetteville, washington County, Arkansas, USA
October 5, 2006
Size: ~30mm

Moved from Tragidion.

This is...
...Tragidion coquus - some individuals have black elytra with small orange subhumeral spots, others have the elytra all orange.

T. coquus
thank you for the ID Ted. this one was a wonderful mimic... i got excited thinking it was a Pepsis for just a moment when i first found it.

looks like Tragidion armatum
I'll guess it is some subspecies of T. armatum, there are other spp. though. We have T. coquus in the guide.

it looks much like T. armatum, but i am afraid i do not know the first thing about identifying beetles, would any other pictures help, and where would be a safe place to move this one?

Safe to move
to Tragidion. I've got literature at home to ID to sp., but I'm way out of town right now.