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Oslar's Eacles - Eacles oslari - Eacles oslari

Oslar's Eacles - Eacles oslari - Eacles oslari
Santa Rita Experimental Range - Florida Station, Pima County, Arizona, USA
July 25, 2013
Underside view.

Actually this individual was a part of the Moth Engineers Group (not MPG). He flew in for a critically close-up inspection of the structural integrity of Robyn's blacklight setup, after it was called into question. He had a bit of help from others in the Insect community, as you can see.

MPG Engineering Would Like to Know......
.... if you could send taller photos of both Eacles oslari shots without signatures for use at MPG. 560x420 or 560x560 are good sizes for moths with wings spread wide, square for all others. Thanks.

You Got It!
comin' your way Bob. Glad you can use 'em.