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small tiger beetle - Brasiella wickhami

small tiger beetle - Brasiella wickhami
N I-19 rest stop, at Canoa Ranch, Pima County, Arizona, USA
July 27, 2013
Small tiger beetle at the rest stop lights.

Great find, Joyce!
Pearson, Knisley, & Kazilek(1) indicate it's significantly smaller than most tiger beetles (their common name for Brasiella is "Little Tiger Beetles"). They also state that the genus (of nearly 40 species) is concentrated in Central America, the Caribbean, and South America, and that this is the only species that (barely) makes it into the US as a dependable population... spreading a bit north of Mexico into southern AZ.

There is one other member of Brasiella that's recorded in the US, but as a vagrant from Cuba sometimes found in Florida.

An interesting one...sorry I missed it.

Everyone was spread out and involved with other things. I only saw one of these beetles, and dozens of the other small species of tiger beetle.

The other small tiger beetle...
was Cicindela (Cylindera) lemniscata. It was a beauty too...very nice to see.

It has a larger US range...including much of AZ, the s.e. corner of CA, and s.w. corner of NM (see the map here).

Coincidentally, the figures for both wickhami and lemniscata are right next to each other in Pearson, Knisley, & Kazilek(1): Figures 3 and 4 of Plate 21 here. I think all the figures there are based on the same scale, so you can see that...while both are small...wickhami is smaller.

excellent find
Only the second tiger beetle species, I think, for the gathering.

Actually the third species. See .

Loren Padelford
Bellevue, NE

which is the 1st species?
I only see two from the gathering... but it's getting harder to find stuff with all the images getting posted so I easily could have missed it.

1st was
Western Red-bellied--very common, but maybe nobody has posted a photo.

oh yes!
I did see that -- the photo posted by Loren and Babs, and also I got some photos of that species but forgot already.

Very nice!
Very nice!