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Hermetia comstocki - male

Hermetia comstocki - Male
Santa Rita Experimental Range, Florida Canyon, Pima County, Arizona, USA
July 25, 2013
The wide crop in the first image is intentional to show a typical posture of a male on agave leaves which is facing downwards or obliquely downwards toward the center of the plant. The image shows the tapering of the leaf with the center of the plant to the right. See Alcock, who writes,
"While present, they generally rested on the upper surface of the leaves of the selected plant, facing down toward the center of the plant."

Another behavior is twitching and contorting of the antennae. At times he looked like he had only one antennae, as in the second image.

The eyes remind me of some tabinids. All images of the Hermetia genus in BG appear to have them, but it doesn't appear to be a universal soldier fly trait.

For an image of the female and more information and discussion about the species see Aaron Schusteff's:


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Hermetia comstocki - male Hermetia comstocki - male Hermetia comstocki - male