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longhorn - Monochamus clamator

longhorn - Monochamus clamator
upper Madera Canyon, Pima County, Arizona, USA
July 26, 2013
Came to UV light.


So - a few minutes later,
I check again, and it is there now. Must be because I read your post and responded? :-)

maybe there _are_ ghosts in the machine
My theory about what happened with my image doesn't seem to be true for yours. I'm baffled. But glad both images are showing up now.

Glad it's working now.
We knew you had posted yours, and wanted to put a name to our images, but couldn't find yours. Went to your contributor page and found it and wrote down the number. Then later when we searched, we couldn't get an answer to a search on the number! Thought there were ghosts in the machine!

I have only posted one for the gathering so far,
and it has not shown up yet. This one was posted yesterday morning, and so far - nothing. I'm curious why too. It'll be interesting if it magically appears in a day or two. It has the "gathering_2013" written in the Remarks section, but not in the identifier.

For some reason
this doesn't come up when we search on the image number. Nor does it show yet in the gathering photos even though it is a couple days old??

You're right. Usually images show up in the search after 1-2 hours.

So I just added the tag to the Remarks field (it was already in the Identifier field) to see if that helps.

I wonder if other images aren't showing up that should...

What surprises us
is that this doesn't show up when we search on 821377.

Maybe this is a question for John VanDyk? You've never seen anything like this before? I haven't, but you're on BG more hours than I am so you probably would have a better sense of how "normal" this is or not. From a database point of view, it doesn't make sense to me...

Our experience is like yours
It takes an hour or so and then the search program has all the data it needs to function properly - not two days!

the image is there now
in all the searches. I have no idea why it wasn't there 2 days ago.

I think it would be hard for a BG programmer to track this down now that the problem is gone (unless someone knows off the bat what happened).

Some speculation of my own: I loaded that image quite late at night and have noticed that at some point every night the search for gathering_2013 stops working at all -- NO images get returned. I wonder if I loaded it during a bad few minutes when an index was being created and new images loaded during that brief period did not get registered with the index somehow. Possibly an edit to the record triggered a re-indexing of the record. I'm completely speculating -- I have no idea how things work on the back end of BG. If this is what happened, it's surprising it hasn't happened before, even if most BG people are asleep at 12:08 am PST!

will ask
I'll post something in the forums about this. But first I want to give it a couple of hours in case the record editing I just did jiggles something and fixes the problem (maybe forces a new index on the record).

Of course even if editing the record fixes anything, the record should have been findable via searches the first time.

Anyway, I'll check on this in a couple of hours and then post something if it's still broken.

If you want to ask someone or post something sooner, go ahead!