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Ma's Eggs - Mallophora fautrix - female

Ma's Eggs - Mallophora fautrix - Female
San Joaquin Marsh, Irvine, Orange County, California, USA
August 9, 2013
I think I scared her off before she was finished. Perhaps that was for the good, since the reed was off by itself and easily spotted from a distance.

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Ma Barker begins another brood of robbers - Mallophora fautrix - female Ma's Eggs - Mallophora fautrix - female

One would
Need some commitment. But the reed could be clipped and parked in a terrarium that would need to be filled with the local soil and plantlife. The Mallophora almost certainly drop into the soil when they are larval and may dwell there until next summer. They are carnivorous. I am not sure anyone has successfully raised the soil inhabiting larval forms. One day maybe when I am retired.

Thanks for the information, Herschel
Personally, I'm not up to it, but I may know someone who is.