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Owlfly - Ululodes arizonensis - female

Owlfly - Ululodes arizonensis - Female
Madera Canyon, Santa Rita Mountains, Arizona, USA
July 23, 2013
Size: 25 mm
Came to a mercury vapor light. To explain the lighting set-up further, there were three lights in this parking area, two MV lights on each end and a black light in the middle. My best memory is that this owlfly visited the MV light on one end of the lot and was resting on that light's ground sheet when I saw it. gathering_2013

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Ululodes arizonensis, female.

This has the narrowest distribution of all the U.S. Ululodes species.

...thanks for the help.

request for specific locality
Do you have GPS coordinates for your location in Madera Canyon where you collected this owlfly? My friend is in the area now and is interested to collect some specimens for our research. Any help you could provide would be fantastic.

I sent you
a private email.

You're welcome. Glad to help.