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Chrysomelid ? - Neobrotica pluristicta

Chrysomelid ? - Neobrotica pluristicta
Santa Rita Experimental Range, Florida Canyon, Pima County, Arizona, USA
July 25, 2013
[Added info] As per Blaine Mathison's request below, I've added three other images.

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Chrysomelid ? - Neobrotica pluristicta Neobrotica pluristicta - caudal view - Neobrotica pluristicta Neobrotica pluristicta - quasi-ventral view - Neobrotica pluristicta Neobrotica pluristicta - on plant where found

Moved, nice addition!
Have a dorsal shot to compliment this 'live' image?

Moved from Leaf Beetles.

Thanks Blaine
Wow, a good one, eh? At the time I had no idea it was uncommon. I shot the caudal view with the thought of sexing it should the need arise as it just did. Does that do it? I would have looked for chilopsis if I had known it's the associated plant. I don't see any munching on any leaves in my images so perhaps it was a random visit to this plant.