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Wasp - Sericopompilus neotropicalis - male

Wasp - Sericopompilus neotropicalis - Male
South Georgia, Ware County, Georgia, USA
October 13, 2006
Yet another wasp! Its the first i've seen of this species.

Sericopompilus neotropicalis
This is a male Sericopompilus neotropicalis. I can't see the abdomen in this photo but the rest of the insect agrees exactly with Evan's description of that species. The males of Sericopompilus and Episyron are closely related and VERY similar but Episyron lacks the bands of white around the tarsomeres (among other, less obvious, characters). S. neotropicalis and S. apicalis are fairly common in Georgia (I have collected sexes of both species in Wayne County), but only the males of S. neotropicalis have a broad cream band on the basitarsus of the middle leg. This is a new image for the guide...I had, in fact, previously created a guide page for it in hopes that someone would photograph this fairly common species.

Thanks for the ID, Nick. Im h
Thanks for the ID, Nick. Im happy to be the first to contribue to a species page. Usually there's already a ton of images there.

Spider wasp.
Thought this was an ichneumon at first, but it is a spider wasp (family Pompilidae), and probably a male. What genus and species I haven't a clue. Never seen anything like it, but then I have spent virtually no time in the southeast U.S.:-(

S neo
Apparently it is also found in AZ and CA. Should be in your area E.