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Companion to previous tachinid post

Companion to previous tachinid post
Montosa Canyon Road, Santa Cruz County, Arizona, USA
July 26, 2013
Size: 7/26/13
This is my 2nd companion post to the one taken 40 seconds later below:

As discussed in the remarks there, in the field I had thought that these two flies were the same individual. (I only saw one at a time, perhaps the 1st flew off and the 2nd flew in while I was looking at my first photo on the camera display?) But this one is clearly a different individual. In particular, this one has pilose if it's indeed in the tribe Minthoini, I think this must be Paradidyma.

My best try at working through Reinhard's 1934 male and female keys to Paradidyma here led to P. armata (from Peru) if I took this to be a male, and landed me at P. setigera if taken to be a female. But that doesn't seem to be a clear result, as the terminal couplet leading to P. setigera states:

      "third antennal segment as wide as parafacial;...costal spine longer than small cross vein"

...which doesn't seem to fit to me. The brief description here doesn't give me confidence in that ID either. So I'm kind of stuck here.

Moved from Tachinidae.

Tachinidae is not Minthoini. I have the hunch that it is Voriini, but I can't be sure from this image.


Not Minthoini
That explains things.

I checked the Voriini images on BugGuide, and while most were largely black and different looking, I found two posts somewhat similar looking to this, which I guess is something along the lines of what you had in mind:

Thanks again for your help and insights!