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Ptiliidae - Fabogethes nigrescens

Ptiliidae - Fabogethes nigrescens
Medford, (~15 miles east of Philadelphia, PA) Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
August 26, 2006
Size: ~1.8mm
came to UV light trap

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Ptiliidae - Fabogethes nigrescens Ptiliidae - Fabogethes nigrescens Ptiliidae - Fabogethes nigrescens

Fabogethes nigrescens --det. A.R. Cline
Moved from Brassicogethes.

do you still have it? mind reshooting?

look around
should have it - I'll look around. This was imaged when I was still pointing a camera through the eyepieces of my steroscope (yuck!). I should be able to be considerably better these days.

And I think I get these fairly regularly on flowers incl. wild mustard, so should be easy to find some more come early spring.

by far the most important feature is the outer armature/denticulation and overall shape of the foretibiae; the texture of the dorsum, pronotal side margins & the general body outline also help a lot

Moved from Acrotrichis.

Definitely not Ptiliidae.
Definitely not Ptiliidae.

Sorry, that´s wrong!
I´d say, it is Meligethes sp. in Nitidulidae.

Ptilliids never have enlarged tibiae and antennae with a round club.


Ptiliidae: Acrotrichis sp.
Our largest ptiliids.

Thanks Don,
If this is the biggest, I don't know what I'd do with the "merely average" or smaller ones. What type of equipment and magnification do you use if you want to key these size beetles? I've got a stereo macroscope with 10x/20x which I'm pleased with for larger subjects, and some 20x eyepieces which get me to 40x, but not at the sharpness I'd desire (though perhaps a good cleaning would help too)