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Family Cecidomyiidae - Gall Midges and Wood Midges

goldenrod gall - Asteromyia carbonifera From gall - Rhopalomyia chrysothamni - female Jewelweed Gall - Schizomyia impatientis Orange larva near some aphids - Aphidoletes Cecidomyiidae, spent pupa, dorsal - Dasineura gall midge Cecidomyiinae Gaudy Gall Midge - Asphondylia

small fly - Anarete - male long legged orange fly Maybe Lestremia Maybe Lestremia Small pink fly - female Tiny fly Dipteran Wood Midge? - male

Sciarid? unknown tiny wasp Gall Midge - Catocha cecidomyiid - Catocha gall midge Midge - Peromyia Is this a gall midge - Peromyia Sciaroidea

Gall Midge  - male Midge/gnat hanging from spider web - Camptomyia - female midge - Claspettomyia - female gall midges - male - female Small brown fly with long legs - Isocolpodia Gall Midge Gall midge - Asynapta - female Gall Midge - female

spider-legged fly - Haplusia rubra Fly??? - Haplusia rubra what is this, a mosquito?  - Haplusia Mystery Fly - Neostenoptera appalachiensis Mystery Fly - Neostenoptera appalachiensis Winnertzia solidaginis - female Dipteran - Leptosyna tmm - Neostenoptera appalachiensis