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NOT a Mother-of-pearl Moth - Argyria nummulalis

NOT a Mother-of-pearl Moth - Argyria nummulalis
Franklin County, Missouri, USA
September 8, 2013


5460 - Argyria nummulalis
We have been calling these A. rufisignella in error, just pointed out to me by Richard Brown at Miss. Entomol. Museum. A rufisignella lacks the substantial brown edge along the inner margin. It has a few fine striations along the costa near the apex (clearing lacking in this photo). It is also quite uncommon to rare. All of the photos on the 5462 A. rufisignella page should be moved to a 5460 Argyria nummulalis page.

Thanks Bob.
I read a couple of comments when I was looking at those images that suggested there might be a question with the identify of them but they all looked the same. Thanks, I appreciate the information.