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Key to the genera of nearctic Syrphidae
By Miranda G.F.G, Young A.D., Locke M.M., Marshall S.A., Skevington J.H., Thompson F.C.
Can. J. Arthropod Identification 23: 1‒351, 2013
Cite: 840155 with citation markup [cite:840155]

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Dear Rich,

These links do not work any longer. However, I was able to look up the key by title and author name and found it easily.


According to Bill Dean...
...there is an error in this key. Figure 3 on this page, which purports to depict Lapposyrphus aberrantis, actually depicts Syrphus opinator.

I am a retired science teacher who loves gardening, birds and photography. The last few years, I have been able to capture images of the most amazing flies...the flower flies. I have been learning and creating my own catalog. I used BugGuide for help, and have downloaded this document, to try and increase my knowledge...obviously at a basic level...but I want to thank you for offering this document to the citizen scientists. I also share my sightings on iNaturalist to help document my sightings.
Rachel Hall