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Taphrocerus gracilis? - Taphrocerus nicolayi

Taphrocerus gracilis? - Taphrocerus nicolayi
Groton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA
September 12, 2013

Moved from Taphrocerus.
Thanks Ted. I saved the specimen and am planning on sending it to Joshua.

...who will likely end up sending it to me :)

Ted, should I just send this one and a couple others I have saved to you?

More than likely...
...this is Taphrocerus nicolayi, which is smaller and less distinctly wedge-shaped than T. gracilis and lacks the brassy luster of the latter. Firm IDs in this genus are rarely possible from photos alone.

That is as good a guess as any. I suggest sending the image to Ted MacRae and/or Henry Hespenheide. Very nice image, Tom; however, a very difficult genus (at least in my opinion).