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Review of the genus Sphaenothecus Dupont (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)
By Chemsak J.A., Noguera F.A.
Pan-Pac. Entomol. 74: 12-26, 1998
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Chemsak, J.A., & F.A. Noguera. 1998. Review of the genus Sphaenothecus Dupont (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae). The Pan-Pacific Entomologist 74(1): 12-26.

Abstract.—The trachyderine genus Sphaenothecus Dupont is reviewed. Sphaenothecus funebris Bates is transferred to the genus Zalophia Casey and Z. spissicornis Casey is synonymized with Z. funebris, NEW COMBINATION, Sphaenothecus cribellatus Bates and S. luteicollis Bates are placed into the genus Ischnocnemis Thomson, NEW COMBINATION. Taranomis Casey is synonymized with Sphaenothecus and Taranomis pallida Schaeffer is placed into Perarthrus LeConte, NEW COMBINATION. Taranomis cylindricollis Casey is synonymized under Sphaenothecus bivittatus Dupont.

As here defined, Sphaenothecus consists of the following seven species:

S. argenteus Bates, Mexico to Guatemala;
S. bivittatus Dupont, United States to Honduras;
S. picticornis Bates, Mexico;
S. maccartyi NEW SPECIES, Mexico;
S. toledoi NEW SPECIES, Mexico-Honduras;
S. facetus NEW SPECIES Guatemala to Costa Rica;
S. trilineatus Dupont, Texas and Mexico.

Key Words.—Cerambycidae, Sphaenothecus, taxonomic revision, new species, key, distribution, activity period, hosts.